Static Cling Decals for the win!

Static Cling Decals!
Examples of Static Cling Decals

Why Use Static Cling Decals

Well when it comes to  decals there are many different kinds. But one of my all time favorites are Static Cling Decals There are many reasons to love these Window Clings but here a few of my favorites:

1- No Adhesive – Static Clings, don’t use any adhesive at all.  This makes it so that you can easily reposition if needed.

2- Reusable – Because they don’t have adhesive, the Clings decals are generally reusable, they can even be stored and used again later.

3- Window Cling – These are so great for cars and store windows because they can be applied very easily and then removed if needed thus increasing the likelihood of them getting used.

4 – Inside Glass Static Clings – Static clings are perfect for going INSIDE the window and viewable to the outside world. We call this “face static”

5- Three Material Types – Static clings come in Clear Face Static, Clear back static, and white back static.. BUT.. don’t forget we also offer Double Sided Decals in Static Cling too!

6 – Crystal Clear – Static clings are one of few decals that are actually clear. Because they don’t have any adhesive,  there is no residue to block the view. Static clings are truly a transparent decal.

Other Cling Info:

Static Clings often get called many other terms such as Static Clings, Window Decals, Clings, Window Clings and more. Yep they are are

the same and we would love to talk you about them!

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Custom Decals

When it comes to decals. They almost all are Custom DecalsThe reason is that different folks have  different design that go on different materials, Really hardly any 2 Decal project are alike.

Types Of Decals:

Of Course there are actually different types of decals and then various derivatives of each. Lets Explore a few of the main types of decals

White Vinyl Decals

This is actually a very common decal. Items such as international ovals and bumper stickers are generally printed on White Vinyl Material. Generally Available in Removable Adhesive or Permanent adhesive materials

Static Cling Decals

This this an amazing material that adheres to various items, mostly Windows, Thus also being called Window Clings. Without needing adhesive. Can you imagine, decals adhering to a window and easily being removed with NO ADHESIVE. Static Cling Decals ladies and gentlemen

Double Sided Decals

These are also pretty amazing. These are decals literally can have your message on both sides. Sometimes called double faced decals because they  can have the same or different print on both sides of the decal. Available in Removable Adhesive Decals, Static cling or permanent adhesive

123Decal Launches New Website, Expands Product Line

Industry Leader 123Decal launches new website with expanded product line.

Boise, Idaho – Jan.21, 2016 – 123Decal LLC, a leader in the printing of Static Cling Decals, proudly announces the launch of their new website

Coupled with a never ending commitment for innovation and continual emergence as a national leader in custom decal printing, the Idaho bases decal printer launches a fully responsive, mobile friendly site that also includes an expansion of their current product lines.

123Decal has celebrated continual year over year growth since their beginning in 2007. Growth and expansion have facilitated the need for a new web presence which now is browser friend to all devices and tablets.

“We are very excited to launch this new site” President Tyler Hurst commented.
He continued “Offering the very best to our customers has always been a hallmark of 123Decal and we are proud to continued with this trend with a best in class website!”

Vistors of can review products, see testimonials and even request a custom quote on various lines of product including custom decals, campaign products, banners and more.


123Decal is a provider of custom decals. They also offer other specific decals types such as Double Sided Decals, Static Cling Decals and Vinyl Decals. Customers can contact 123Decal Online @

Domed Decals


So.. an interesting product that we added to our product line is Domed Decals.  Domed Decals come in either 4CP / Digital or spot colors.


Many People ask How are they made. Well its actually quite simple. It’s just a regular Vinyl Decal then Poly Urethane is poured on it and dried. It results in 3rd dimensional look that gives a unique luxury feel.


These Decals are super common on like Dealership cars and A/V products etc.


123Decal Proudly offers Domed Decals check it out:


Understand the Process, Understand the Price!

Today, I had a conversation with a gentlemen about double sided decals. We were discussing the method of print and how he wanted his decals to be produced.
So I thought to myself: “Maybe people don’t understand the process of the double sided decal production”
Double Sided Decals are produced in 1 or 2 ways. Digital Printed or Screen Printed. The process includes printing the image face down and then reversed and the putting a backer layer down, and then printing the face up side! Other have known to do it a different way also. But This process is time intensive and generally there is a need for drying and curing! (That is the Screen Printed or Digital way) Althought other print methods are possible!
123Decal has produced Double Sided Decals for many large companies and organizations! Come Get a Quote


What is Vectored Artwork?

In the print world, a word that you will here thrown around a lot is Vector art. “Do you have Vector Art”. Many companys charge a fee to “vector your art” for you. When you give a machine artwork to print you give it Vectored art. Some machines will accept the lesser version called Raster Artwork.

Vector Art
The idea behind vector art is to use mathmatical formulas to actually print, by using lines. Thus you have an exact measurement of where the print goes in relationship to the Custom Decal or Banner you are printing. Most decal artwork must be produced in vector format. When using the screen printing process, you must use vector artwork for print. Notice in the image above the zoom is at 4800% but it’s still crystal clear and straight even lines.

Raster Art
When you have raster art the printed does not read it. Some digital printers can print using raster art and if the decal artwork is produced to the right size and the right DPI then you may be okay, but it’s not recommended. 123Decal has professional graphic designers who do artwork and can vector your artwork for you. Notice in the raster art the grainy artwork.

So the next time you have a custom decal project, or banners, or any type of print. Use 123Decal but when we ask for vector art, you’ll understand why. It’s only for your protection and to give you the best quality products.
Tyler,, Custom Decals, Banners, Bumper Stickers and more!

Taste the Decal…Or dont. How to use a Static Cling

I once was given a political sticker and told that if i used windex it would go on and stay on. It was a Static Cling Decal. So being the optimist I am, I tried it.
I got about 4 miles down the interstate and looked back to inspect my new found knowledge to find that it was a Folk Lore of the highest Order. STATIC CLING DECALS don’t do well in 75MPH on the outside of your car.
A Static Cling Decal is a great decal for indoors and inside windows so the outside world can see it. In Fact the 123Decal Static Clings are really good, we print with UV ink, so it’s not only eviornmentally friendly, but very durable and it lasts againist the sunlight and wont fade.
Many people still seek a decal that is applicaple for the outside of the car but comes off. If they dont want to use a quality magnet, then I would recommend a Removable Decal.
Our Removable decals or Removable bumper stickers, magnets and static cling decal are all printed with UV INK. You dont have to taste it to find out. The removable decal is sticky and tacking but no permanent. Now the 123Decal Bumper Stickers are custom and permanent, They are removable within 6 months. Try one today!

Tyler Hurst

Will it last? Static Cling Decals vs. White Vinyl vs. Biodegradable Decals- There all still Custom

There is a lot of talk in the print industry about Decals and WILL IT LAST?
At 123Decal we put a massive empasis on decal quality and print. Almost everytime someone order they will ask, how long will it last in “xxxx” Enviornment. Well, Let me just tell you!
123Decal printed decals with UV INK, thus giving it a long life expectancy in the weather elements while also protecting againist fade. Many companies will just digital print decals to save time and money, thus giving you good looking decal at a great price, but also not a long lasting product.
Enviormentally Friendly Decal Production
Our Static Cling Decals, Custom Vinyl Decals, double sided decals and many other products will be printed with UV Ink. Our Labels and stickers are printed using a Flexo Print Process.
123Decal does offer Green Decals. As far as we know we provide the safest solution for the enviorment yet. By Printing with UV ink we save the polution into the ozone from Solvent inks that also run and get everywhere and release toxins into the enviorment during the print process. 123Decal also does offer BIODEGRADEABLE BANNERS & Recyced labels that are made from post consumer product.

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#1 in Google…See for yourself

Well, Today is a great day @ we have made it. I think I could now die and go to heaven. Please indulge me as I brag a little bit. 123Decal recentliy became the #1 site in Google for Static Cling Decals.
We have worked on SEO for about a year now, but this just goes to show how easy our site is navigate and work with. We are happy to be here and continuallly drive sales to our great customers.
123Decal also has reached high marks in Google for Keywords like Double Side Decals, Custom Decals and More.
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123Decal Reports Tremendous 2010 Third Quarter

Increased Market Share, Online Marketing and Return business attributes to increased sales.


Star, ID, October 14, 2010 – 123Decal LLC, a leader in Static Cling, Vinyl and Custom Decals, announced tremendous growth in sales and revenue in the 2010 fiscal third quarter.

The Idaho based company attributes their success and growth to 3 core factors: Increased market share due to a loyal customer base, Strategic online marketing, and dynamic customer service.
123Decal showed a enormous 221% increase in total sales from the third quarter of 2009. The total increases were attributed to growth in 3 major product lines; Double Sided Decals, Static Cling Decals, and Corrugated Plastic Signs.

Tyler Hurst, the President of 123Decal commented on his companyís success ìWe are very pleased with these results, our organization has been very skillful in the execution of our business model and it has returned wonderful results.î Hurst also commented on the value of his employees; ìWe have very talented individuals here that have yielded amazing customer service which brings our customers back.î

Since itís inception, 123Decal has seen growth in itís sales every year. This has been related to expansion of staff, product lines and services. Now a leader in the Custom Decal industry 123Decal plans to continue itís growth and expansion as they seek to serve new and returning clients.


123Decal is a provider of custom decals. They also offer other specific decals types such as Double Sided Decals, static Cling Decal and Vinyl Decals. Customers can contact 123Decal Online