Decals, Babies and First words!


This post may seem crazy to you! It's being written at 11:35 PM, so bear with me.

So last week my baby said her first word…It was Daddy…da da dad dadda daddy! WOO-HOO for me! I have to be honest i would have hoped for Decal. Since her livelihood will in large part be determinded by Decals.  I just wanted to simply review 123Decal and what we can do here! I think sometimes people forget we can pretty much do it all!

CUSTOM DECALS – When it comes to custom decals we mean custom. You pick the shape the size and the colors. We can provide Decals in Removable Vinyl, Static Clings or Window Decals, Glow in the Dark Decals, Double Sided or Double Faced Decals, or even Reflective Decals.

Quantity Counts- Sometimes we get quote requested for all types of Decals,  but sometimes we get quotes for quantities of 1, 5 or 10 or even 25. In all realty We can do whatever you want, it just maybe expensive. So thinkg about the process. Especially in the type of decal you order! You need to rip the files, send the printer, load the material, print, cut and ship. Its very difficult to make any money off of the project. If it's screen printed like Double sided decals then it can be very expensive you have to make screens and on and on. Decals are great but when you buy BULK CUSTOM DECALS they are great and affordable.

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