How it is that Integrity Counts Part #2


Do it when you say your going to do it!

One of my life pet peeves is when someone tells me something willbe done and then it's not. Barring any sort of complete disaster, I generally don’tunderstand why it didn’t get done.  In my life, My family always comefirst.. But, if i promise or even tell someone something will be done.. Youbetter count on it getting done! The companies that i like to work with arecompanies that will go the extra mile and that will do whatever it takes to GETTHE JOB DONE.

Last week a customer emailed me at 1AM his time to ask about thetime table for his decals. I was at my home office doing some graphic design. Ilooked up the printing schedule and replied. He then replied..”I can'tbelieve you’re up”.  Me Either.. But in all reality i was doinggraphic design for a customer whom I promised that it would be done the nextday! So I stayed up and did it!

 With 123Decal it's about Integrity, it's about printing theright product at the right time.. On Time. It's about doing what you say yourgoing to do and delivering on schedule .  

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