I got my package in the mail!

Many people probably wonder if banners, custom decals, and bumper stickers are an effective use of advertising? Well overall, I would say Yes!



Bumper stickers BUMPER STICKERS

Usually you will find bumper sticker on the rear bumper of a car. So think the bigger the city the more advertisement due to traffic. How many times have you driven up to a car closer just to read the bumper sticker? Me…Way to many..But bumper stickers usually have an effective ROI due to the cheap and efficent printing of 123Decal. Last Year the average bumper sticker went for .38 cents each! And Other people are helping you to get it seen more! Take all the help you can get!

I found a really good news story about the use of bumper stickers at NPR: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=89121141 Click Listen now to Hear all about it!




So I think the same things apply to custom decals! I have had a pre-paid package in my car for about 4 day that needed to go out pretty urgently..But I kept forgeting! So the other day while in my office looking down on the street below me. I saw a fedex truck! I only knew it to be Fedex because of it's attached Custom Decals! So I ran to my car, flagged down the truck and they took my package away! My point is that I noticed it, and acted upon seeing it, only because of the decals that were on it. Call It Guerilla Marketing, but I got my package in the mail. My story hopefully llustrates my point about the CONSTANT BRANDING that needs to take place!

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