Standardized Terms in the Decal Industry

My Head Spins some days….. one of the biggest annoyanyces in the printing industry is the NON-Standardization of terms.

Think about this: what is the difference to profile cut vs. procut? NOTHING… to some profile cut means something completely different. So I make the Clarion Call to the industry to standadize your terms. Since no one else will ever take the iniative to do this.. I will…See i am a thought leader afterall. I think that it's important to note that respects all vendor and hope they will conform to our language..Ya Right. 🙂

The Terms:

 Pro-cut – A procut decal, is a very common decal that has only the shape around it and any middle parts removed. This is very common in lettering for car windows. These Custom Decals are generally a little pricy because they require a little more time and effor to product. The Process is that you print it, weed it(remove un needed parts) and Masked it. Then apply it! Please note that a PRO-CUT decal can also be called a PROFILE CUT.  

 Die-Cut These is where the decal is cut out around the edge of the whole decal. In all technicallity a “Die Cut Decal” could be a circle, square, or anyother random shape. These are usually cut by using a Die that the pre fabricated before the cutting begins after printing. Die's can be very costly. Some slick digital printers and plotters can Cut throught the vinyl without having to use a DIE. Praise these guys for their great work.

Kiss-Cut – No i dont mean razor blade lips. A kiss cut decal is interesting becuause it is similar to the DIE CUT decals but they are not CUT all the way throught the vinyl. You usually have to peel it out as you see in this image. It helps to make it easy to protect the decal and to seperate it from the vinyl backing, plus it usually faster and cheaper to produce.

Well either way, we just hope you will get your Custom Decals from . We have buckets full of happy customers!






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