Static Cling Decals in the Sun!

As the summer heat begins we get a lot of people looking for a solution for decals and car windows. 

There are 3 main ways to look at this issue.

1. Put the decals in your window inside. – Here is the issue; if you have or most people in your area have tinted windows then if placed on the inside of the window your decals wont show.

2. If you put your Static Cling Decals on the outside of your window they will blow off of a moving vehicle. So i don't know if I recommend them for the out side of a car because they will blow off.

3. In this case if you need to have a window decal visible and you need to show it, then you may have to consider using another type of Custom Decals such as a vinyl decal.

Either way, we want our customers to be happy please view more @  

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