Static Clings with White!

** 123Decal Announces New Product Line **

 Today we have a some good news on the front of digital print. 123Decal is proud to annoucne a new product line, Digital Printed Decals. Now with White!! In the past the only way to accomplish white print on decals was a screen printing process. The Issue with screen printing is that, setup and run are expensive. 

Now, 123Decal offers a product that can be face or Back adhesive, printed on clear material Static Cling or adhesive. The beauty is that you can use White now as a color included in 4CP or Full Color Print.

 123Decal President commented:

” This is exciting for us and our customers, we have worked hard always to have the highest quality at a fair price. This new technology allows us to offer our full of decals at almost any quantity without the expensive of heavy setup fees.”

You can view more about 123Decal and our Lines of Static Cling Decals , and Double Faced Decals online @ 



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