What is a “Custom Decal””

Everyonce is a while, i will get a phone call or email asking…Do you do Custom Decals?. I slam my head on my desk..cry a little and thoughtfully answer, thats all we do.


Custom Decals

Standard Sizes:

We do offer standard Shapes and size for all decals. Do you need a static cling, vinyl or clear polyester decal? Do you need rounded or square corners? How many print colors? So really is there such thing as a custom decal? I say no.. I guess those shops that print mass or one thing and sell only that item. That is not custom.

123Decal.com does offer a full range of standard shapes and sizes. These are designed to be printed faster and cheaper. We call them Speedy Ship Decals.

 Custom Decals: In Essence all decals are custom decals. They all have different images, colors sizes.  Please realize there are tonz of different materials you can use. Glow in the Dark Decals, Static Cling Decals, Vinyl Decals, Clear Decals and More.

Come Check us out for a full Selection and Price Range

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