While at the football game…..I found out why 123Decal is better.

3 Part Blog..

Part #1 —-Quality Does Matter! 

Okay so last Saturday I attended a large scale college football game. I wont tell you who cause my team got pounded! But while I was in town and driving in  Boise, I noticed that there was a lot of sign printers advertising. How convenient for them, they can print their own stuff.  So, I started to think to myself, how would a business decided who to do business with? Some many companies so many great deals?

I came up with 3 major Factors that can decide whom to do business with:

1. Quality Does Matter 


While printing projects their are cheap and fast way to do it. Many people will cut corners to save money. In my years in the business I have seen many companies push sizes down, print on cheap material, use empty ink and more. So what assures a quality project. Material, Ink, and Durability. 123Decal prints using machines that use INK Ink. No need for a UV coat with our products. They have UV ink so it wont fade, or run, it's durable in all weather conditions.  

Static Cling DecalsBanners, and Vinyl Decals, can all be screen printed or Digital printed. You get what  you pay for. If they are digital did they print rich and full colors or does it look like they just ran it off on their household HP?  Cutting is also important because the final finish of a product really speaks for the company. Are they jagged and looks like a 4 year old did it? or are they professional? i have seen both, trust me, even if you dont use the backing or cut around part of a Vinyl Decal, looks do matter.

With 123Decal alway expect the best. We know what it takes to be Professionals and we are a Professional Printing Company! 



How it is that Integrity Counts Part #2


Do it when you say your going to do it!

One of my life pet peeves is when someone tells me something willbe done and then it's not. Barring any sort of complete disaster, I generally don’tunderstand why it didn’t get done.  In my life, My family always comefirst.. But, if i promise or even tell someone something will be done.. Youbetter count on it getting done! The companies that i like to work with arecompanies that will go the extra mile and that will do whatever it takes to GETTHE JOB DONE.

Last week a customer emailed me at 1AM his time to ask about thetime table for his decals. I was at my home office doing some graphic design. Ilooked up the printing schedule and replied. He then replied..”I can'tbelieve you’re up”.  Me Either.. But in all reality i was doinggraphic design for a customer whom I promised that it would be done the nextday! So I stayed up and did it!

 With 123Decal it's about Integrity, it's about printing theright product at the right time.. On Time. It's about doing what you say yourgoing to do and delivering on schedule .  

Learn More @ http://www.123Decal.com  


UV is the real deal!

So I recently have been thinking about putting decals on my boat. It's an old boat and it's needs something to spice it up. So why not some custom decals?

Well to start, would they last or not. Then what if they fade? So I know that if i am going to do some decals of somesort they need to have UV ink so that they are durable and long lasting. Static Cling Decals, Custom Decals and even double sided decals need to be using UV ink so to extend their life.

Give it a try. Use 123Decal Custom Decals with UV Ink. Our Decal whether static cling or what. Are great for all type of weather and are great window decals! 

Are printers making it easy enough?

So Here is the question…. Are printers making it easy enough?
I have the suspicion that they are not. This week alone i had some interesting experience that showed that it's easy to get business, if you can just use common sense and business professionalisms.

Lets Take a Moment and walk through an entire sales process:


You search the internet. You find a company and go to their website.


How many clicks to find the product you wanted? How was the site on your eyes. So yes. maybe some web designer thought it was totally cool…But really it's just annoying. We are still a business.

With 123Decal there are simple buttons and menus designed to show you what you need!

Lets make it simple.

Get a Price:


With 123Decal if you need a quote. Click the Free quote button and get a price quickly and easily! We will get back to you within minutes! Not Days!

Dont wanna wait for an email? Fine call us toll free @1-866-568-2366. We will be there to pick up the phone.

 Do you need Decal or static cling samples? No Problem we will get them out ASAP and they will be quality everytime.



This is the biggest annoyance in the industry: NOTHING IS ONTIME when you say a date or give a timeline. You do everything you can to meet it. And if you can INFORM THE CUSTOMER.

123Decal Recognizes the need for event planning and work.

Let us serve you and show you why we have the best customer service in the industry!


Check us our online @ www.123Decal.com

If you need custom decals, banners or signs. We are your spot!

 Thanks, Tyler


Artwork Heaven

Lately we have super busy. I have been just buried in orders of Corrugated Plastic Signs and Static Cling Decals. Many of our orders have been for Static Stick Double Sided Decals. I love those. They are just a great object with a great message (ON BOTH SIDES 🙂 . Anyways, i just wanted to check in and say hi. We are still here and doing well, just enjoying the 2010 campaign season!



 Tyler, http://www.123Decal.com 

Decals, Babies and First words!

 VISIT OUR BULK DECALS SITE @ www.123Decal.com

This post may seem crazy to you! It's being written at 11:35 PM, so bear with me.

So last week my baby said her first word…It was Daddy…da da dad dadda daddy! WOO-HOO for me! I have to be honest i would have hoped for Decal. Since her livelihood will in large part be determinded by Decals.  I just wanted to simply review 123Decal and what we can do here! I think sometimes people forget we can pretty much do it all!

CUSTOM DECALS – When it comes to custom decals we mean custom. You pick the shape the size and the colors. We can provide Decals in Removable Vinyl, Static Clings or Window Decals, Glow in the Dark Decals, Double Sided or Double Faced Decals, or even Reflective Decals.

Quantity Counts- Sometimes we get quote requested for all types of Decals,  but sometimes we get quotes for quantities of 1, 5 or 10 or even 25. In all realty We can do whatever you want, it just maybe expensive. So thinkg about the process. Especially in the type of decal you order! You need to rip the files, send the printer, load the material, print, cut and ship. Its very difficult to make any money off of the project. If it's screen printed like Double sided decals then it can be very expensive you have to make screens and on and on. Decals are great but when you buy BULK CUSTOM DECALS they are great and affordable.

 Get a quote @ www.123Decal.com

What is a “Custom Decal””

Everyonce is a while, i will get a phone call or email asking…Do you do Custom Decals?. I slam my head on my desk..cry a little and thoughtfully answer, thats all we do.


Custom Decals

Standard Sizes:

We do offer standard Shapes and size for all decals. Do you need a static cling, vinyl or clear polyester decal? Do you need rounded or square corners? How many print colors? So really is there such thing as a custom decal? I say no.. I guess those shops that print mass or one thing and sell only that item. That is not custom.

123Decal.com does offer a full range of standard shapes and sizes. These are designed to be printed faster and cheaper. We call them Speedy Ship Decals.

 Custom Decals: In Essence all decals are custom decals. They all have different images, colors sizes.  Please realize there are tonz of different materials you can use. Glow in the Dark Decals, Static Cling Decals, Vinyl Decals, Clear Decals and More.

Come Check us out for a full Selection and Price Range

Standardized Terms in the Decal Industry

My Head Spins some days….. one of the biggest annoyanyces in the printing industry is the NON-Standardization of terms.

Think about this: what is the difference to profile cut vs. procut? NOTHING… to some profile cut means something completely different. So I make the Clarion Call to the industry to standadize your terms. Since no one else will ever take the iniative to do this.. I will…See i am a thought leader afterall. I think that it's important to note that 123Decal.com respects all vendor and hope they will conform to our language..Ya Right. 🙂

The Terms:

 Pro-cut – A procut decal, is a very common decal that has only the shape around it and any middle parts removed. This is very common in lettering for car windows. These Custom Decals are generally a little pricy because they require a little more time and effor to product. The Process is that you print it, weed it(remove un needed parts) and Masked it. Then apply it! Please note that a PRO-CUT decal can also be called a PROFILE CUT.  

 Die-Cut These is where the decal is cut out around the edge of the whole decal. In all technicallity a “Die Cut Decal” could be a circle, square, or anyother random shape. These are usually cut by using a Die that the pre fabricated before the cutting begins after printing. Die's can be very costly. Some slick digital printers and plotters can Cut throught the vinyl without having to use a DIE. Praise these guys for their great work.

Kiss-Cut – No i dont mean razor blade lips. A kiss cut decal is interesting becuause it is similar to the DIE CUT decals but they are not CUT all the way throught the vinyl. You usually have to peel it out as you see in this image. It helps to make it easy to protect the decal and to seperate it from the vinyl backing, plus it usually faster and cheaper to produce.

Well either way, we just hope you will get your Custom Decals from 123Decal.com . We have buckets full of happy customers!



Tyler 123Decal.com



Everyone has some sort of Standards

At 123Decal we also have standards. Moral and ethically sure…But standard shapes and sizes, you got it! We even sell Kwik Ship or speedy ship decals.

So you want a custom decal..Thats fine we can do that. We can do anything and we can do it good, but if you use a standard size and shape then we will save you money and deliver the product faster. A lot faster like 5 days production time fast.

Right now 123Decal offers Standard shapes and sizes in Vinyl Decals, Clear Vinyl or Polyester Decals and of Course we have standard Static Cling Decals.  

Standard Sized decal will save you money and tme. We offer circular, square cut, and even custom shapes for our standard decals.





123Decal Continues Fiscal Growth in 3rd Quarter 2011

123Decal Continues Fiscal Growth in 3rd Quarter 2011

Aggressive Pricing Strategy and Return customers fuel growth.

November 25 , 2011 – Boise, Idaho – 123Decal LLC a continuous leader in printed decal products announced Friday another quarter of record sales.  As part of a strategic growth plan 123Decal has increases sales in various market segments to bring an overall increase in total company sales.

The Boise based company has focused their efforts on relentless customer service and availability, quality products and industry low pricing. Their efforts along with comprehensive marketing campaigns have offered another year of record 3rd quarter sales.  Overall as a company 123Decal LLC has posted a staggering 8.4% increase YTD over 2010.

This nearly double digit sales gain was more than expected by Company President Tyler Hurst

“In a Non Election Year, to increase your business is amazing.”  He went on to discussed how his company did it:

“We doubled down on our customer service. We mean it when we talk about relentless customer service. We also have the highest quality product out there, and thankfully people keep coming back for more. ”

 The real story is the increase in individual items, for instance 123Decal saw a 129.5% growth in their strongest products Static Cling Decals.

123Decal offers their entire product line online @ http://www.123decal.com




About 123Decal LLC 
123Decal is a provider of custom decals. They also offer other specific decals types such as Double Sided Decals, static Cling Decal and Vinyl Decals