No Setup Fees and Free Artwork @

These Days everyone is looking for ways to save money. No doubt that small businesses fit into that category. At we love to save people money! We are going focus on 2 ways that 123Decal Beats the Competition and offers a great service to you.

1. No Setup Fees*

At 123Decal we generally dont have any setup fee's that means. Your quote or order is the price you see. No Extras. We do this to help our customer choose 123Decal. Many  competitors have setup fees for screen printing and sometimes even digital printing. Not here! No setup Fees means No Setup Fees. We incur those costs to save you money!

2. Free Artwork Layout

Now at 123Decal, we will send proofs and do layout your design for free. You get 123Decal your logo or the text you want and we will lay it for free! Actual Graphic Design may cost a little bit but 123Decal is proud to say that we will always layout your design and send a proof if needed.

Why 123Decal.

I hope that as you read the above statements that will show you that we are truely on the customers side. We work very hard to offer good prices and excellent customer service to help our customers with all their Custom Decals and static Cling Decals needs.

Merry Christmas!


Really Proud of our static cling decals

Due to our high page rank in google. I would guess that has a good portion of the market share for Static Cling Decals. Which is really cool if you think about it. We originally centered our business model around Custom Decals, Vinyl Decals. But Since google controls us we have really catered to the Static Cling Decal Market along with Double Side Decals. 

 Static Cling Decal are unique in the fact that they are removable and re-usable decals plus they can be placed on the inside and the outside of your car. 90% of our Orders are for Face Adhesive Decals.  Which is a Decal that is in the Window on the inside but viewable to the outside viewer. We have a lot of content that explains in more fully on our website at: 





Election Stuff – You need it!


Elections are coming up! Great…Elections. It means the adds, signs, and fundraising. Wait that's perfect for a sign company. Whether your election is 2009 or 2010, use for the best prices and cheapest deals or Election Signage and more!

So when elections come around, there are so many things to think about. Here are the Printed materials you need:

Election Signs– Some people call them corrugated plastic, or “coroplast” or even campaign Signs. These are usually made of Corrugated Plastic that is built to withstand the elements. Make sure to pick visible, and easy on the eye colors. Be Careful with your Color Combinations also. Certain colors mean certain things, also sometime a mix of colors and be very distracting.

Bumper Stickers – Oh Yeah! Now also offers removable decals and bumper stickers so they will stay on forever or peel off after the election. We print with UV Ink so they are sure to last and not fade.

   Lapel Labels – What would a fundraiser be with out Lapel Labels. You need those. We offer lapel labels in all colors and shapes and sizes.

Whether it's custom decals or other signage, I am still sure 123Decal is your spot!

To White or no white?

Decals can are usually printed on one of 2 materials – Vinyl or Static Cling – Another caveat is that it is usually White or Clear.

If you are going to be using a clear material, they you need to use as a backer color. Lets say you have a logo that is red and blue. And it's clear material

you stick in on the back of car window, now the clear takes on the colors of the car window. Imagine if you have tint? It doesnt stand out instead the decal just blends in . If you had a white backer(not flood white) then it would make it POP out.

Now the same applies for static cling decals. I see a lot of order for static cling decals and people place these on the inside of their car windows. Which is fine, but without the White their is no Pop! 


See A Video Here!



123Decal Changes it up! Oil Change Decals and Stickers

123Decal is proud to announce that they now offer oil change decals and service stickers. These decals are a very commom decal that are used everyday by thousands of thriving businesses. 123Decal wants to continue to offer high stickers and decals at affordable prices.  

123Decal's oil change decals can come in standard sizes or custom sizes. They know offer 2.5″ x 2″ and 2″ x 1.5″ sizes. They now even offer six different template ready to use for your business.  If you dont find a layout or size you like, no big deal we can customize an oil change decal for your business!

These Decals can come on a roll or individually cut 

123Decal has always been a major supplier of static cling decals and double sided decals, but is always expanding into more products.  

Learn more about our Oil Change Decals and stickers Here!  

How to Properly Advertise…

These Days it seems as if people will do anything to get their info out there, to get in front of more people then ever before. So one has to can you do it and how can you do it for less? 

Use your Car..

How many times to do you see people advertise with Car Decals or Window Decals. Honestly it works, if for nothing else, letting your friends know that you perform a certain service. Cars are visible and noticed, but also they are huge, it's like having a moving billboard. Whether you are a realtor or sell static cling decals, you really can move your product by using your car.


When i drive down the same road everyday  to the office, i notice things are different. Take a look at what change will do for your business. People will notice what is different and you dont have to go buy a whole sign but you can spend $100 on a full color banner and really grab attention. 

Custom Decals…

 As you pass your Static Cling Decals, or other Vinyl decals around people will put them on their car or car window, There is nothing better then seeing your decal on someone elses car. 


123Decal Reports Tremendous 2010 Third Quarter

Increased Market Share, Online Marketing and Return business attributes to increased sales.


Star, ID, October 14, 2010 – 123Decal LLC, a leader in Static Cling, Vinyl and Custom Decals, announced tremendous growth in sales and revenue in the 2010 fiscal third quarter.

The Idaho based company attributes their success and growth to 3 core factors: Increased market share due to a loyal customer base, Strategic online marketing, and dynamic customer service.
123Decal showed a enormous 221% increase in total sales from the third quarter of 2009. The total increases were attributed to growth in 3 major product lines; Double Sided Decals, Static Cling Decals, and Corrugated Plastic Signs.

Tyler Hurst, the President of 123Decal commented on his company’s success “We are very pleased with these results, our organization has been very skillful in the execution of our business model and it has returned wonderful results.” Hurst also commented on the value of his employees; “We have very talented individuals here that have yielded amazing customer service which brings our customers back.”

Since it’s inception, 123Decal has seen growth in it’s sales every year. This has been related to expansion of staff, product lines and services. Now a leader in the Custom Decal industry 123Decal plans to continue it’s growth and expansion as they seek to serve new and returning clients.


123Decal is a provider of custom decals. They also offer other specific decals types such as Double Sided Decals, static Cling Decal and Vinyl Decals. Customers can contact 123Decal Online