I need Decals too!

The other day I was driving my wife's car and I noticed that her car (new to us) didnt have any decals on it. So by this finding, I began to think, how do I feel about decals on my car, what kind of decal would I use, and what messages would I put on my car.

This is i have decided. (also note I have another car that does have decals on)

I would chose to use Static Cling Decals to promote either a brand or sports teams that I like. If I had a child on a sports team, I would promote that team also. Perhaps, anothe solution would be a temporary adhesive decal. If I was really  about something, maybe I would even apply a regular custom decal that is permement.  

Many people will only support different causes, sports team, promote their car type or even make a political statement.  

Either way I will plan to put more decals on my cars. But remeber I will only put them on the window.