Decals – Not as Simple as you Think!

When people say decal what do they mean? Is that a sticker? Is a Sticker and Decal that same thing?

 Dont forget about Kinds of Decals…. Static Cling, Vinyl Decals, Removable or tempory adhesive. If you really want to make your head spin, think about the different color combinations that you can provide also..White backing, clear, Full color.

A Decal is a….well,…Decal

The word decal is a very generic term for many different segments of Decals and Stickers. Most people think of a decal as a stick, adhering, vinyl sticker that you adhere to things. YES. Okay so you need stickers? Did you mean label? The big issue in is industry is that there are no “Standardized Terms” for anything. So let me take the initiative right now to set some. Who knows if the Industry will follow.

DecalsA decal is a usually a vinyl or polyester product in which people adhere them to different items. Car Decals, Window Decals, Bumper Stickers (technically a decal), oval decals, and more.. There are 3 Main Decal Types: VINYL DECAL, STATIC CLING DECAL, or REMOVABLE DECALS.

   Vinyl Decals – Made on a vinyl propylene, you can print full or single colors. Usually Vinyl Decals are made with White Vinyl and are by far the most common types of Decals. Many outdoor decals you see on cars are Viny Decals.

  Static Cling Decals – This is also a very common decal. Static clings are sometimes also called Window Decals. They are mainly used in cars. Static cling back be face or back adhering, and usually is clear, but there is white back adhering static cling material also. These decals are available in the face adhesive and back adhesive. We might warn, dont put them on the outside of  your car. They usually won't stay.

 Removable Decals – These are interesting decals. They are a great product that you can apply and adhere as a regular decal, but now you it's removable also. Many people love these for campaign or election decals. Oh yes, since your asking we can do this in bumper stickers also! Now you can get removable decals in Clear or in White. Either way, they will come off when you want.

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