It Cracked..Decals by Humpty Dumpty

Earlier this evening I was at the local mall with my wife and daughter. While getting the stroller out of the car, I noticed that there was a bubble in one of the small decals I had on my car window. I then attributed the bubble to the recently frosty weather in Idaho.

Vinyl, Pressure Sensative Decals  I then took a moment to push the decal back down to hopefully fixed the bubble. Then The DECAL CRACKED!!! I was furious, now my snowboarding decal was ruined, I asked myself how it was possible. 

I left the car and started to walk into the nearest store thinking “I sure hope that doesnt happen to any 123Decal Customers”  my next thought was. No, it won't happen to our customers, we use Pressure Sensitive Vinyl and UV Ink on our Vinyl and Static Cling Decals.

So Customers of 123Decal have nothing to worry about. Our Decals whethe Double Sided Decals, Static Cling Or Regular Vinyl decals are printed with UV Ink and the vinyl decals are printed on Pressure sensitive vinyl. No worries!



Clingy…I love Clingy!

I would have to say that my overall favorite type of decal is a static cling decal.

Static Cling Decals   WHY.. Its decal that also is removable. I have seen static clings put on windows, plexy glass, bottle and more. I would totally recommend the . Yes, I do work there, but we sell so many static clings that it's no even funny. Fun yes…Funny no. The reason why static clings are so great especially at is that we print with UV Ink. Therefore, they are enviormentally sound, they won't fade, and they hold up against the elements.  We offer double sided static cling decals, face adhesive static cling decals, back adhesive, full color and many other types.

 Take a moment and see why Static Cling Decals are my Favorite.



 Tyler Hurst,