$100 Minimum new to 123Decal.com

123Decal has now decided to announce a $100 minimum per order. The amount of business we have been recieving has forced us to stress this in essence to provide a better service for our customers. 

Due to the Process

The Minimum is due to many factors. we hope that our customer will realize that even on a $100 after material, inks and other administrative costs that we have a very low margin. the printing process alone can take hours to setup to run some very small orders. 

To Get the Best Prices 

Generally the best pricing is dealt to the high quantities. When printing in high quantities we can offer better pricing because we amortize the setup costs over larger number of decals. We have recently quoted labels and stickers in quantites of 130,000. We also have had recent order of Static Cling and Double Sided Decals in the amounts over 10,000. 

Colors matter in your cost also. The Number of Colors will affect your price, the more the increase cost. This comes from the usage of more raw materials and more labor due the usage of Extra Screens to screen printing.

When it Comes to Bulk or mass production Decals. 123Decal is your Spot. 



Tyler, http://www.123Decal.com



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