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You know when you work really hard, you know it's for the money right. Right. But every once in a while it's nice to know that people care about you and appreciate you also. There are really to ways that I know that we are doing things right @ 123Decal


1. Return Business

 To me there is nothing that is more affirming that they appreciated us then when they come back to get more. That happened earlier today! I realized that we are no so bad after all. I started to discuess with with my colleagues about all the recent return business what we've had. It's not all about success and growth, which are nice, but it's about the fact that we served them well enought for them to come back.


2- Nice Comments

I love it when people email us back and say Thank you. People have so said some great things about 123Decal:

View some below:

Matthew G,

“The decals arrived on Friday. They look great. Thank you!” “

Rebbeca A, :

“Your customer service skills are out of this world! You make me look good. I look forward to having a long rewarding relationship with you and your company. “

Tim D, 

“Product arrived on time and is perfect! Thank you”

Red W, 5

“This is a company I have used that did a great job for us, quickly and at a great price.”

Darcy K, 

“Just wanted to take a moment to tell you that we LOVE our window clings and thank you for all of your work to make them PERFECT!…I can assure you though that we will be calling when we are in need! You guys are GREAT! Thanks!!!”

Neil S, 1

“They[The Decals] look great. Thanks for all the work you did on the project.”

Dick B,

“The Decals look great, thanks again”

Sheena K, 

“I delivered the static cling stickers to our client the other day and they were very pleased!”

Chuck C, 

“I just rec'd the shirts and they look great !! Nice job. “

Marty P, 02/19/2009:

“I Recieved the Decals and they are great. Thanks Again “

Eddie L, 

“We received the decals today, they look very good “

Kasey R, 


“Hi Tyler, I just wanted to let you know that the bumper stickers came out great!” 



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