Of Course it has a Barrier, How Double Side Decals Work.

I was on a call today, and the customer asked “If we get these will we see one side through the middle to the other side”. Obviosuly this customer was talking about one of our most popular custom decals…Double Sided Decals

Obviously the answer is no, I then explained that the Double Sided Decal material has a white barrier in the middle. That same white barrier is  opaque enough as to no be visible from one side to another. The other neat thing about this magical white barrier is that white is a free color. You now can print more colors for less. We recently took and order for double sided decals for Flirty Girl Fitness in Chicago. They were going to use these decals as a parking permit. So I asked

” Why are you doing 2 sided” the customer replied…Because then it's a talking point for people while they are in the car also.

That makes perfect sense to me. Double Your Advertising with Double Sided Decals.




Tyler Hurst, President, 123Decal 


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