New things on the Decal Horizon

Last Week, I was in a printing warehouse that was perfect in ever way. I was picking up some campaign signs. When I looked into the printing process on these Signs I was Amazed at machinery. They had printed these signs on a DIGITAL flatbed printer. It's a pretty amazing machine that works something like a desktop ink jet print just on a much larger scale. 

The neat thing about this particular printer was that it also printed directly to most materials 3″ thick and less. The most best part was that the production ink was UV.  By providing static Cling decals, or custom decals, and Double Sided Decals with UV ink they last longer and more durable againist harsh sun rays. As 123Decal continually becomes an emerging leader in production of Static Cling Decals, Custom Decal, Banners and more we are always seeking to provide better products at faster speeds.

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