Understand the Process, Understand the Price!

Today, I had a conversation with a gentlemen about double sided decals. We were discussing the method of print and how he wanted his decals to be produced.
So I thought to myself: “Maybe people don’t understand the process of the double sided decal production”
Double Sided Decals are produced in 1 or 2 ways. Digital Printed or Screen Printed. The process includes printing the image face down and then reversed and the putting a backer layer down, and then printing the face up side! Other have known to do it a different way also. But This process is time intensive and generally there is a need for drying and curing! (That is the Screen Printed or Digital way) Althought other print methods are possible!
123Decal has produced Double Sided Decals for many large companies and organizations! Come Get a Quote


What is Vectored Artwork?

In the print world, a word that you will here thrown around a lot is Vector art. “Do you have Vector Art”. Many companys charge a fee to “vector your art” for you. When you give a machine artwork to print you give it Vectored art. Some machines will accept the lesser version called Raster Artwork.

Vector Art
The idea behind vector art is to use mathmatical formulas to actually print, by using lines. Thus you have an exact measurement of where the print goes in relationship to the Custom Decal or Banner you are printing. Most decal artwork must be produced in vector format. When using the screen printing process, you must use vector artwork for print. Notice in the image above the zoom is at 4800% but it’s still crystal clear and straight even lines.

Raster Art
When you have raster art the printed does not read it. Some digital printers can print using raster art and if the decal artwork is produced to the right size and the right DPI then you may be okay, but it’s not recommended. 123Decal has professional graphic designers who do artwork and can vector your artwork for you. Notice in the raster art the grainy artwork.

So the next time you have a custom decal project, or banners, or any type of print. Use 123Decal but when we ask for vector art, you’ll understand why. It’s only for your protection and to give you the best quality products.
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Taste the Decal…Or dont. How to use a Static Cling

I once was given a political sticker and told that if i used windex it would go on and stay on. It was a Static Cling Decal. So being the optimist I am, I tried it.
I got about 4 miles down the interstate and looked back to inspect my new found knowledge to find that it was a Folk Lore of the highest Order. STATIC CLING DECALS don’t do well in 75MPH on the outside of your car.
A Static Cling Decal is a great decal for indoors and inside windows so the outside world can see it. In Fact the 123Decal Static Clings are really good, we print with UV ink, so it’s not only eviornmentally friendly, but very durable and it lasts againist the sunlight and wont fade.
Many people still seek a decal that is applicaple for the outside of the car but comes off. If they dont want to use a quality magnet, then I would recommend a Removable Decal.
Our Removable decals or Removable bumper stickers, magnets and static cling decal are all printed with UV INK. You dont have to taste it to find out. The removable decal is sticky and tacking but no permanent. Now the 123Decal Bumper Stickers are custom and permanent, They are removable within 6 months. Try one today!

Tyler Hurst

Will it last? Static Cling Decals vs. White Vinyl vs. Biodegradable Decals- There all still Custom

There is a lot of talk in the print industry about Decals and WILL IT LAST?
At 123Decal we put a massive empasis on decal quality and print. Almost everytime someone order they will ask, how long will it last in “xxxx” Enviornment. Well, Let me just tell you!
123Decal printed decals with UV INK, thus giving it a long life expectancy in the weather elements while also protecting againist fade. Many companies will just digital print decals to save time and money, thus giving you good looking decal at a great price, but also not a long lasting product.
Enviormentally Friendly Decal Production
Our Static Cling Decals, Custom Vinyl Decals, double sided decals and many other products will be printed with UV Ink. Our Labels and stickers are printed using a Flexo Print Process.
123Decal does offer Green Decals. As far as we know we provide the safest solution for the enviorment yet. By Printing with UV ink we save the polution into the ozone from Solvent inks that also run and get everywhere and release toxins into the enviorment during the print process. 123Decal also does offer BIODEGRADEABLE BANNERS & Recyced labels that are made from post consumer product.

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#1 in Google…See for yourself

Well, Today is a great day @ 123Decal.com we have made it. I think I could now die and go to heaven. Please indulge me as I brag a little bit. 123Decal recentliy became the #1 site in Google for Static Cling Decals.
We have worked on SEO for about a year now, but this just goes to show how easy our site is navigate and work with. We are happy to be here and continuallly drive sales to our great customers.
123Decal also has reached high marks in Google for Keywords like Double Side Decals, Custom Decals and More.
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123Decal Reports Tremendous 2010 Third Quarter

Increased Market Share, Online Marketing and Return business attributes to increased sales.


Star, ID, October 14, 2010 – 123Decal LLC, a leader in Static Cling, Vinyl and Custom Decals, announced tremendous growth in sales and revenue in the 2010 fiscal third quarter.

The Idaho based company attributes their success and growth to 3 core factors: Increased market share due to a loyal customer base, Strategic online marketing, and dynamic customer service.
123Decal showed a enormous 221% increase in total sales from the third quarter of 2009. The total increases were attributed to growth in 3 major product lines; Double Sided Decals, Static Cling Decals, and Corrugated Plastic Signs.

Tyler Hurst, the President of 123Decal commented on his companyís success ìWe are very pleased with these results, our organization has been very skillful in the execution of our business model and it has returned wonderful results.î Hurst also commented on the value of his employees; ìWe have very talented individuals here that have yielded amazing customer service which brings our customers back.î

Since itís inception, 123Decal has seen growth in itís sales every year. This has been related to expansion of staff, product lines and services. Now a leader in the Custom Decal industry 123Decal plans to continue itís growth and expansion as they seek to serve new and returning clients.


123Decal is a provider of custom decals. They also offer other specific decals types such as Double Sided Decals, static Cling Decal and Vinyl Decals. Customers can contact 123Decal Online http://www.123Decal.com

While at the football game…..I found out why 123Decal is better.

3 Part Blog…
Part #1 —-Quality Does Matter!
Okay so last Saturday I attended a large scale college football game. I wont tell you who cause my team got pounded! But while I was in town and driving in Boise, I noticed that there was a lot of sign printers advertising. How convenient for them, they can print their own stuff. So, I started to think to myself, how would a business decided who to do business with? Some many companies so many great deals?
I came up with 3 major Factors that can decide whom to do business with:
1. Quality Does Matter

While printing projects their are cheap and fast way to do it. Many people will cut corners to save money. In my years in the business I have seen many companies push sizes down, print on cheap material, use empty ink and more. So what assures a quality project. Material, Ink, and Durability. 123Decal prints using machines that use INK Ink. No need for a UV coat with our products. They have UV ink so it wont fade, or run, it’s durable in all weather conditions.
Static Cling Decals, Banners, and Vinyl Decals, can all be screen printed or Digital printed. You get what you pay for. If they are digital did they print rich and full colors or does it look like they just ran it off on their household HP? Cutting is also important because the final finish of a product really speaks for the company. Are they jagged and looks like a 4 year old did it? or are they professional? i have seen both, trust me, even if you dont use the backing or cut around part of a Vinyl Decal, looks do matter.
With 123Decal alway expect the best. We know what it takes to be Professionals and we are a Professional Printing Company.

Election Stuff – You need it!

Elections are coming up!

Great…Elections. It means the adds, signs, and fundraising. Wait that’s perfect for a sign company. Whether your election is 2009 or 2010, use 123Decal.com for the best prices and cheapest deals or Election Signage and more!
So when elections come around, there are so many things to think about. Here are the Printed materials you need:
Election Signs- Some people call them corrugated plastic, or “coroplast” or even campaign Signs. These are usually made of Corrugated Plastic that is built to withstand the elements. Make sure to pick visible, and easy on the eye colors. Be Careful with your Color Combinations also. Certain colors mean certain things, also sometime a mix of colors and be very distracting.
Bumper Stickers – Oh Yeah! Now 123Decal.com also offers removable decals and bumper stickers so they will stay on forever or peel off after the election. We print with UV Ink so they are sure to last and not fade.
Lapel Labels – What would a fundraiser be with out Lapel Labels. You need those. We offer lapel labels in all colors and shapes and sizes.
Whether it’s custom decals or other signage, I am still sure 123Decal is your spot!

How it is that Integrity Counts Part #2

Do it when you say your going to do it!
One of my life pet peeves is when someone tells me something willbe done and then it’s not. Barring any sort of complete disaster, I generally donítunderstand why it didnít get done. In my life, My family always comefirst.. But, if i promise or even tell someone something will be done.. Youbetter count on it getting done! The companies that i like to work with are companies that will go the extra mile and that will do whatever it takes to GET THE JOB DONE.
Last week a customer emailed me at 1AM his time to ask about thetime table for his decals. I was at my home office doing some graphic design. Ilooked up the printing schedule and replied. He then replied..”I can’tbelieve youíre up”. Me Either.. But in all reality i was doinggraphic design for a customer whom I promised that it would be done the nextday! So I stayed up and did it!
With 123Decal it’s about Integrity, it’s about printing theright product at the right time.. On Time. It’s about doing what you say yourgoing to do and delivering on schedule .
Learn More @ http://www.123Decal.com

Screen Print Custom Decals

Most of our decals are Screen Printed. So I thought it might be prudent to take a moment to talk about screen printing. I love screen printing because there is an exactness about it. You know the resolution will be perfect and full. The edges will print right perfectly, i love them. Most people are somewhat familiar with the screen printing or SILK SCREENING PROCESS.

Perfect for the following:
Spot Color Decals
Single Color Decals
Large Format Projects
Low Cost Decals

When it come to screen printing decals you have to do a couple of thing different. Your art has to be vectored, that means usually created in adobe illustrator, you also then have to pick out a color. At www.123Decal.com , we have standard print colors and we accept pantone colors matches. Then you know exactly how your decal is gonna look.
We print alot of clear static cling decals one recommendation is to always back the decal in white to avoid it looking faded in the sunlight. If you do sometimes you get a little white Halo which looks pretty neat too

Check our Full Line of Custom Decals out! We will make sure to get you the right product!