123Decal Announces Campaign and Election-Products Division

tar, Idaho, March 23, 2010 ñ 123Decal, a majorsupplier of decals and signs, has announced the addition of the ìCampaign HQî.This product division will be focused around the design, sales, products andsupport of campaign and election products. The Campaign HQ will feature general electionproducts such as Corrugated Plastic Signs, Bumper Stickers, Election Signs, Decals,Labels, Magnets and More.
The Idaho based company played a significantrole in 2008 while printing for 2 Major Congressional Campaigns and manylegislative and local campaigns.
123Decal reported that the election cycle of2008 was responsible for almost 60% of their 3rd quarter business. Theircorporate staff expect that 2010 will yield higher requests than ever before.

In awritten statement, CEO Tyler Hurst announced his plans:
ìBy focusing more time and resources, 123Decalcan provide Quality Products delivered quickly at a great price.î He went on ì2008 was a Banner year for us, weexpect 2010 to be even better. We invite all to come and see how 123Decal ismaking it easier to win in 2010!î
The Campaign HQ can be viewed on the 123Decal.com website at http://www.123decal.com/election-campaign-products.asp.

Campaigns and staff can access the site to view our products and get quotes.

123Decal is a decal and signage company that has seen tremendous growth due to quality,responsiveness, and quick turn-around. Learn more by visiting their website http://www.123Decal.com.