123Decal Continues Fiscal Growth in 3rd Quarter 2011

23Decal Continues Fiscal Growth in 3rd Quarter 2011
Aggressive Pricing Strategy and Return customers fuel growth.
November 25 , 2011 ñ Boise, Idaho ñ 123Decal LLC a continuous leader in printed decal products announced Friday another quarter of record sales. As part of a strategic growth plan 123Decal has increases sales in various market segments to bring an overall increase in total company sales.
The Boise based company has focused their efforts on relentless customer service and availability, quality products and industry low pricing. Their efforts along with comprehensive marketing campaigns have offered another year of record 3rd quarter sales. Overall as a company 123Decal LLC has posted a staggering 8.4% increase YTD over 2010.
This nearly double digit sales gain was more than expected by Company President Tyler Hurst
ìIn a Non Election Year, to increase your business is amazing.î He went on to discussed how his company did it:
ìWe doubled down on our customer service. We mean it when we talk about relentless customer service. We also have the highest quality product out there, and thankfully people keep coming back for more. î
The real story is the increase in individual items, for instance 123Decal saw a 129.5% growth in their strongest products Static Cling Decals.
123Decal offers their entire product line online @ http://www.123decal.com