A Full Line of Static Cling Decals!

Every single day it becomes more apparent…The need for Decals, a fabulous form of advertising, that doesnt ruin things. I hear it day after day; “I need a decal to pass out but I dont want to leave anything behind if removed”
We offer the Perfect Solution: Static Cling Decals
Static Cling Decals are high quality, durable and they look great, but they dont have any adhesive material on them.
Common uses or terms of Static Cling Decals are:
Car Window Decals
Store Window Decals
Static Clings
Window Clings
Window Decals
Cling on
Non Adhesive Decals
3 Types of Static Cling Material:
Clear Face Static (Clings on the frint of the print..I.e car window decal)
Clear Back Static(Clings on the back i.e. service sticker/decal)
White back static – Back static that is a White Background material

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