Screen Print Custom Decals

Most of our decals are Screen Printed. So I thought it might be prudent to take a moment to talk about screen printing. I love screen printing because there is an exactness about it. You know the resolution will be perfect and full. The edges will print right perfectly, i love them. Most people are somewhat familiar with the screen printing or SILK SCREENING PROCESS.

Perfect for the following:
Spot Color Decals
Single Color Decals
Large Format Projects
Low Cost Decals

When it come to screen printing decals you have to do a couple of thing different. Your art has to be vectored, that means usually created in adobe illustrator, you also then have to pick out a color. At , we have standard print colors and we accept pantone colors matches. Then you know exactly how your decal is gonna look.
We print alot of clear static cling decals one recommendation is to always back the decal in white to avoid it looking faded in the sunlight. If you do sometimes you get a little white Halo which looks pretty neat too

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