We are weatherproof!

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season all across the country! If you are looking for some outdoor proof decals, we have several options that can fit your needs.

Our Weatherproofing Guide
Regular, Super, and Ultra Tac
Our permanent adhesive comes in 3 levels. Regular tac, Super tac, and Ultra tac. If you’re looking for a decal that will stay put no matter what the wind, rain, or snow blows your way, you’re looking for one of our permanent decals.
Another great way to weatherproof your decals is with overlamination. The awesome thing about overlamination is that it can be added to any decal, including our speedy ships. Why overlamination? Overlamination will keep your decals protected from the elements, chemicals, cleaners, and any moisture or spills that may occur. It prevents abrasion to the decal, ensuring that your colors will NOT scratch off or fade.
And, as always…
As always, we use UV inks which are environmentally friendly and do not fade in the sun.

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