We have Static Cling Decals

Some how and thankfully Static Cling Decals have been one of our chief products at 123Decal.com. We are are thankful to have such great customers.

Now a little bit of explanation on static cling decals, there are 3 types material available in window clings.

1 – White Static Cling (Back Static Only) – These decals are white, which means they have a white background, but these decals are only available in back static. You can print full color, spot colors, digital or screen printed static cling decals look great too.
2- Clear Static Cling (Face Static) – These are clear static cling decals that go on the inside of car window clings or on the inside of store windows or store doors. Also able to print in full color, digital, screen or spot colors
3 – Clear Static Clings (Back Static) – Back Static clings also come in clear. Perfect for like oil change decals or mirrors. Sometimes these are even called service clings. Print in all types of colors and print.

Static Cling Decals are called in many different things such as: window clings, clings, statics, we prefer to call them Static Cling Decals.