Where are your Applying your Decals?

Over the past week, 123Decal.com has seen a tremendous amount of question about the Application of Custom decals, Primarly Static Cling Decals vs. Vinyl Decals
When thinking about whether you need static cling or vinyl decals there are a few factors to consider:
Static Cling Decals, Window Decals

1- Window Tint – Window Decals or Static Cling decals usually would be placed on the inside of the window and will be viewable to the outsite world. If you have tint on your car windows in may imped on the visibility of the decal, many areas that are hot or warm yearround usually have a high propensity to have tinted windows in cars and thus it may not be a good idea.
Outside Vinyl Decals

2- Outside or Inside

– Many people are looking for a Removable Decal, which a static cling decal or window decal can be. But 123Decal.com Does not recommend using a standard cling on the outside of a moving car. They may blow away. Some people say that if you apply a static cling decal with windex that it will stay on.. I wouldnt risk it. If you plan to use a decal on the outside of a moving car we recommend a vinyl decal or removable vinyl decal.

All in all we do print our Decals with UV INK, which is not only enviornmentally friendly but also it’s a great product that holds up against weather and wont fade

Tyler Hurst

No Setup Fees and Free Artwork @ 123Decal.com

These Days everyone is looking for ways to save money. No doubt that small businesses fit into that category. At 123Decal.com we love to save people money! We are going focus on 2 ways that 123Decal Beats the Competition and offers a great service to you.
1. No Setup Fees*
At 123Decal we generally dont have any setup fee’s that means. Your quote or order is the price you see. No Extras. We do this to help our customer choose 123Decal. Many competitors have setup fees for screen printing and sometimes even digital printing. Not here! No setup Fees means No Setup Fees. We incur those costs to save you money!
2. Free Artwork Layout
Now at 123Decal, we will send proofs and do layout your design for free. You get 123Decal your logo or the text you want and we will lay it for free! Actual Graphic Design may cost a little bit but 123Decal is proud to say that we will always layout your design and send a proof if needed.
Why 123Decal.
I hope that as you read the above statements that will show you that we are truely on the customers side. We work very hard to offer good prices and excellent customer service to help our customers with all their Custom Decals and static Cling Decals needs.

Merry Christmas!
Tyler- 123Decal.com

123Decal adds to our product line

Well, it’s amazing but 123Decal is proud to announce that they once again are expanding their product lines. They have added a new standard product of Large Window decals.
The addition of the line comes from the ever growing need for businesses that are looking for a printed solution that is temporary and yet professional. 123Decal customers can now order Extra large window decals at almost any size they need. With quantities as low as 1. One of the most exciting parts is that customers can get these

Large window decal in 3 material types
Static Cling, Temporary or Removable Adhesive or standard Adhesive.

These decals are all printed with 4 color process and include white for opacity and contrast purposes.
Static Cling Decals have been a big part of 123Decal and as they expand into this new product line. Learn more by visiting 123Decal.com

It Cracked..Decals by Humpty Dumpty

Earlier this evening I was at the local mall with my wife and daughter. While getting the stroller out of the car, I noticed that there was a bubble in one of the small decals I had on my car window. I then attributed the bubble to the recently frosty weather in Idaho.
Vinyl, Pressure Sensative Decals I then took a moment to push the decal back down to hopefully fixed the bubble. Then The DECAL CRACKED!!! I was furious, now my snowboarding decal was ruined, I asked myself how it was possible.
I left the car and started to walk into the nearest store thinking “I sure hope that doesnt happen to any 123Decal Customers” my next thought was. No, it won’t happen to our customers, we use Pressure Sensitive Vinyl and UV Ink on our Vinyl and Static Cling Decals.
So Customers of 123Decal have nothing to worry about. Our Decals whethe Double Sided Decals, Static Cling Or Regular Vinyl decals are printed with UV Ink and the vinyl decals are printed on Pressure sensitive vinyl. No worries!

123Decal Announces Campaign and Election-Products Division

tar, Idaho, March 23, 2010 ñ 123Decal, a majorsupplier of decals and signs, has announced the addition of the ìCampaign HQî.This product division will be focused around the design, sales, products andsupport of campaign and election products. The Campaign HQ will feature general electionproducts such as Corrugated Plastic Signs, Bumper Stickers, Election Signs, Decals,Labels, Magnets and More.
The Idaho based company played a significantrole in 2008 while printing for 2 Major Congressional Campaigns and manylegislative and local campaigns.
123Decal reported that the election cycle of2008 was responsible for almost 60% of their 3rd quarter business. Theircorporate staff expect that 2010 will yield higher requests than ever before.

In awritten statement, CEO Tyler Hurst announced his plans:
ìBy focusing more time and resources, 123Decalcan provide Quality Products delivered quickly at a great price.î He went on ì2008 was a Banner year for us, weexpect 2010 to be even better. We invite all to come and see how 123Decal ismaking it easier to win in 2010!î
The Campaign HQ can be viewed on the 123Decal.com website at http://www.123decal.com/election-campaign-products.asp.

Campaigns and staff can access the site to view our products and get quotes.

123Decal is a decal and signage company that has seen tremendous growth due to quality,responsiveness, and quick turn-around. Learn more by visiting their website http://www.123Decal.com.

Are printers making it easy enough?

So Here is the question…. Are printers making it easy enough?
I have the suspicion that they are not. This week alone i had some interesting experience that showed that it’s easy to get business, if you can just use common sense and business professionalisms.
Lets Take a Moment and walk through an entire sales process:
You search the internet. You find a company and go to their website.

How many clicks to find the product you wanted? How was the site on your eyes. So yes. maybe some web designer thought it was totally cool…But really it’s just annoying. We are still a business.
With 123Decal there are simple buttons and menus designed to show you what you need!
Lets make it simple.
Get a Price:

With 123Decal if you need a quote. Click the Free quote button and get a price quickly and easily! We will get back to you within minutes! Not Days!
Dont wanna wait for an email? Fine call us toll free @1-866-568-2366. We will be there to pick up the phone.
Do you need Decal or static cling samples? No Problem we will get them out ASAP and they will be quality everytime.

This is the biggest annoyance in the industry: NOTHING IS ONTIME when you say a date or give a timeline. You do everything you can to meet it. And if you can INFORM THE CUSTOMER.
123Decal Recognizes the need for event planning and work.
Let us serve you and show you why we have the best customer service in the industry!

Check us our online @ www.123Decal.com
If you need custom decals, banners or signs. We are your spot!
Thanks, Tyler

Thank Goodness for Free Fonts and more

Over the last few days we’ve been busy with Many order for Static Cling decals and Corrugated Signs.I have had many people not vector or out line there artwork. So late at night i have to find the font.I found this site. http://www.webpagepublicity.com/free-fonts-v.html they offer many free fonts.I just wanna give a shout out and say thanks for saving me!

UV is the real deal!

So I recently have been thinking about putting decals on my boat. It’s an old boat and it’s needs something to spice it up. So why not some custom decals?
Well to start, would they last or not. Then what if they fade? So I know that if i am going to do some decals of somesort they need to have UV ink so that they are durable and long lasting. Static Cling Decals, Custom Decals and even double sided decals need to be using UV ink so to extend their life.
Give it a try. Use 123Decal Custom Decals with UV Ink. Our Decal whether static cling or what. Are great for all type of weather and are great window decals!

123Decal Continues Fiscal Growth in 3rd Quarter 2011

23Decal Continues Fiscal Growth in 3rd Quarter 2011
Aggressive Pricing Strategy and Return customers fuel growth.
November 25 , 2011 ñ Boise, Idaho ñ 123Decal LLC a continuous leader in printed decal products announced Friday another quarter of record sales. As part of a strategic growth plan 123Decal has increases sales in various market segments to bring an overall increase in total company sales.
The Boise based company has focused their efforts on relentless customer service and availability, quality products and industry low pricing. Their efforts along with comprehensive marketing campaigns have offered another year of record 3rd quarter sales. Overall as a company 123Decal LLC has posted a staggering 8.4% increase YTD over 2010.
This nearly double digit sales gain was more than expected by Company President Tyler Hurst
ìIn a Non Election Year, to increase your business is amazing.î He went on to discussed how his company did it:
ìWe doubled down on our customer service. We mean it when we talk about relentless customer service. We also have the highest quality product out there, and thankfully people keep coming back for more. î
The real story is the increase in individual items, for instance 123Decal saw a 129.5% growth in their strongest products Static Cling Decals.
123Decal offers their entire product line online @ http://www.123decal.com

Part #3 of 3 – Speed Kills..Decals Live On

We Get Your Project Done..On Time. Right..The first time!
At 123Decal.com, We really put an empasis on moving fast with our production times. Many instances have come up when we have had to rush or hurry a project because of a timeline or deadline you may have. Another neat thing is that 123Decal has an established list of Standard Sized Decals that can be viewed online, thus we can reduce the print time. We also have a set # of days for each item. You dont have to worry with us, we will do it in the time it takes.
Fast Static Cling DecalsFor Instance our
Static Cling Decals, we have an established process and timelines for each of those decals! After years in the industy we know how long it takes to make decals, banners, and bumper stickers. But If you need a rush, let us know we can do it!

Bottom Line.. You need decals fast. We are your team to get it done!