123Decal grows beyond expectations in first quarter of 2010

PR Log (Press Release) ñ May 27, 2010 ñ STAR, Idaho ñ May 28, 2010 ñ 123Decal LLC, a leader in custom decal industry announced today growth in profit during the 1st quarter of 2010.
123Decal attributes the increases to strategic marketing and responsive customer service. The total growth was calculated over the 2009 1st quarter in which 123Decal saw increase of sales by a whopping 76%

123Decal President Tyler Hurst in a written statement said ìWe are very pleased with these results, during a tough time 123Decal has excelled in maneuvering itself as a premier provider of Custom Decals, Static Cling Decals, double sided decals and other Printed Products.î In the breakdown of their success 123Decal pointed to tremendous increases in sales of Static Cling Decals, and Double Sided Decals. Although 123Decalís Main product lines include Custom and Vinyl Decals, their profibilty can been seen directly by the increase sales of ancillary products.

ìStrategic marketing and product development has been a crucial part of successî mentioned Hurst. He went on ìWe want to offer a product line that offers everything a customer is looking for in a printer.î
Throughout 2009 and 2010 123Decal has added multiple product lines and revenue streams designed to drive additional sales in various divisions.

123Decal is a provider of custom decals. They also offer other specific decals types such as Double Sided Decals, static Cling Decal and Vinyl Decals. Customers can contact 123Decal Online @http://www.123Decal.com
Guests can also view our custom decals section at: http://www.123decal.com/custom-decals.asp

Press Release: 123Decal Launches Online Catalog

Online Decal Provider 123Decal recently launched an online catalog allowing customers to see all the printed materials available all online.
Aug 22, 2011 ñ Boise, Idaho ñ 123Decal a leader in the production of Custom and Static Cling Decals has announced the release of their Full Line 2011 Online Catalog. As part of a campaign to make it easier, 123Decal has made pricing and full selection of our products online. The product lines listed in this catalog range from Custom Decals to Banners, Yard Signs, Double Sided Decals and more.
ìWe very proud to offer this our customersî said 123Decal president Tyler Hurst. He continued
ìThis is another way that 123Decal is making it easier for those looking to purchase decals and other printed materialsî
Along, with continuous growth in their revenues and customer base, 123Decal has continually grown their website and product lines to meet the needs of consumers. The new catalog is now live and can be seen at http://catalog.123Decal.com. 123Decalís full site can also be viewed at http://www.123Decal.com

$100 Minimum new to 123Decal.com

123Decal has now decided to announce a $100 minimum per order. The amount of business we have been recieving has forced us to stress this in essence to provide a better service for our customers.
Due to the Process
The Minimum is due to many factors. we hope that our customer will realize that even on a $100 after material, inks and other administrative costs that we have a very low margin. the printing process alone can take hours to setup to run some very small orders.
To Get the Best Prices
Generally the best pricing is dealt to the high quantities. When printing in high quantities we can offer better pricing because we amortize the setup costs over larger number of decals. We have recently quoted labels and stickers in quantites of 130,000. We also have had recent order of Static Cling and Double Sided Decals in the amounts over 10,000.
Colors matter in your cost also. The Number of Colors will affect your price, the more the increase cost. This comes from the usage of more raw materials and more labor due the usage of Extra Screens to screen printing.
When it Comes to Bulk or mass production Decals. 123Decal is your Spot.

Tyler, http://www.123Decal.com

How do Reduce your Custom Decal Cost!

Everyday we deal with customers who are looking for a deal or a discount. Then when they go on a quest for better pricing they dont find it! There are certain costs involved in the process of printing and producing decals!
Screen Printing
When someone wishes to screen print decals, the number of colors will be a huge factor in the cost of the decals. Each color is more ink and then the cost of making and laying a screen for the decal. 4 Colors = 4 Screens.Dont forget the color mixing and costs!
Digital Printing
When you have decals that are digital printed they have to setup the art onthe computer, send it to the printer and then roll it out. Change the printer material and then print.
Dont Forget the cutting costs!

So if you want to reduce your costs for decals First of all Visit www.123Decal.com then cut down on the size and the color!
4 Main Things
1. Use a Smaller Size
2. Use Less Colors,
3. Order a high Quantitiy
4. Use a less expensive substrate

Tyler, not so known to be the king of Custom Decals.

123Decal sees growth in decal sales in 2009. Plans Expansion in 2010.

2009 was a Banner year for 123Decal. No pun intended!
123Decal finished post high 4th quarter profits and closing with successful December. We should great results in many product categories. Some that are new to our product line and some that we have just expanded. For instance one figure that we are really proud of is a 85% increase in sales of Static Cling Decals. 85% more then last year!! That is amazing! Static Cling Decals have been a big spot in our marketing efforts this year!
We attribute our continued growth to Amazing Customer Service. A strong and happy customer base, Tremendous SEO and page rank in search engines and Quality Products & effective low cost pricing.
Coming into 2009 we were coming off of a record 2008. Wondering how we would match, we knew we could access our existing customer base and expand our product lines. 123Decal has never had to return money to a customer over quality of products.
Expansion on the Horizon. 2010 will bring expansion to 123Decal. We look to add again to our staff and also see growth in production of Custom Decals, Vinyl Decals, and Static Cling Decals and 2010 Election Products!

Happy New Year!

Tyler, 123Decal.com

123Decal Acquires The Banner Factory.

123Decal has acquired The Banner Factory to continue to promote growth while expanding their product lines.

PRLog (Press Release) ñ Feb 12, 2011 ñ Star, Idaho Febraury 12th, 2010 – 123Decal, http://www.123decal.com, a consistent leader in the Custom Decal industry has recently announced the acquisition of The Banner Factory.

The Banner Factory is a wholesale provider of Custom Banners, Vinyl Banners Flag Banners and More. They have provided banners to clients locally as well as on a national basis. Although the details of the acquisition were not yet available, it is rumored that 123Decal is looking to expand their product lines after explosive growth in the custom decal industry.

123Decal just finished a year of their highest sales in company history. They are well position in their current market share in the sales of Custom Decals, Double Sided Decals, Static Cling Decals and Vinyl Decals. Although 123Decal expects continued growth in 2011 this announcement show continued desire to grow in the national market pass not only as a premier provider of Custom Decals, but Custom Banners also.

“We are excited for this addition to our company and we are looking forward to a very smooth transition with The Banner Factory Team” remarked 123Decal President Tyler R Hurst.

Hurst continued in a written statement “We invite our current base of decal clients to try our banners and see noticable difference in price and quality.”

123Decal is a provider of custom decals. They also offer other specific decals types such as Double Sided Decals, static Cling Decal and Vinyl Decals. Customers can contact 123Decal Online @ http://www.123Decal.com Readers can also see The Banner Factory’s site at http://www.TheBannerFactory.com

Double Sided Decals to the Rescue!

In Recent Weeks. I have seen a lot of requests for Double Sided Decals.

I think the reason is that they are a great source to double your advertising. For NOT double your cost.

Double Sided Decals can come in various forms..
– Static Cling Double Sided Decals
– Full Color or 4Cp Double Sided Decals
– Temporary Adhesive or Removable Double Sided Decals
– Spot Color Decals are also available.

The point is to realize that 123Decal can be a huge provider of Double Sided or Double Face Decals NO MATTER WHAT THE PROJECT.
Contact us @ 866-568-2366

Happy Holidays!

Election 2009 – Coming Soon!

Within about another week. When you visit our site you will be able to find ample information about election products for 2009 and 2010. Within the last few election cycles we have seen a large increase in spending, which also means a large increase in spending on Printed Election Material like Bumper Stickers, Static Cling Decals, Corrugated Plastic Signs and More.
123Decal stands very tall in election products. We have supplied many congressional, city council, & state legistative races around the country! We will continue to expand the type of Products that we carry to suit the Growing need for printed election Materials; we will be featuring the basics and then some more:
Corrugated Plastic Signs –
Bumper Stickers-
Static Cling Decals –
Labels –
Posters –
Door Hangers –
When it’s up and ready to go we will make an announcement on the Blog and Twitter and FaceBook. Althought we mainly have printed static cling decals, custom decals and bumper stickers, we have also been a large supplier of Corrugated Plastic Signs.
It’s Coming Soon! 123Decal Election Products!

Tyler R Hurst

New Products at 123Decal.com

This will be a quick post but I wanted to let everyone know about some new products that we have recently put on our website http://www.123Decal.com
Parkng Permits: http://www.123decal.com/parking-permits.asp
We have posted a page about parking permits. These include Hanging Parking Permits, Static Cling Parking Permits, Rear View Mirror parking permits and more. Each type of parking permit can also have consecutive numbering! We have full color parking permit and spot color permit options.
Check our our full line: http://www.123decal.com/parking-permits.asp
Security Signs: http://ww.123decal.com/security-signs.asp
We just rolled out a new page also about security signs! These signs come in standard and reflective material. They are all 9″ x 9″, and come in various shapes. The material is also durable to weather, fading and cracking, they will never yellow either. In Addition, we also offer aluminium stakes to go with our security yard signs! We invite you to take a look at http://www.123decal.com/security-signs.asp
More New Products to come!