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How do Reduce your Custom Decal Cost!

Everyday we deal with customers who are looking for a deal or a discount. Then when they go on a quest for better pricing they dont find it! There are certain costs involved in the process of printing and producing decals!

 Screen Printing

When someone wishes to screen print decals, the number of colors will be a huge factor in the cost of the decals. Each color is more ink and then the cost of making and laying a screen for the decal. 4 Colors = 4 Screens.Dont forget the color mixing and costs!

Digital Printing

When you have decals that are digital printed they have to setup the art onthe computer, send it to the printer and then roll it out. Change the printer material and then print.

Dont Forget the cutting costs!


So if you want to reduce your costs for decals First of all Visit then cut down on the size and the color!

4 Main Things

1. Use a Smaller Size

2. Use Less Colors,

3. Order a high Quantitiy

4. Use a less expensive substrate



Tyler, not so known to be the king of Custom Decals.

Double Sided Decals to the Rescue!

In Recent Weeks. I have seen a lot of requests for Double Sided Decals. I think the reason is that they are a great source to double your advertising. For NOT double your cost. 

 Double Sided Decals can come in various forms..

– Static Cling Double Sided Decals

– Full Color or 4Cp Double Sided Decals

– Temporary Adhesive or Removable Double Sided Decals

– Spot Color Decals are also available. 

 The point is to realize that 123Decal can be a huge provider of Double Sided or Double Face Decals NO MATTER WHAT THE PROJECT.

Contact us @ 866-568-2366


Happy Holidays! 




Static Clings with White!

** 123Decal Announces New Product Line **

 Today we have a some good news on the front of digital print. 123Decal is proud to annoucne a new product line, Digital Printed Decals. Now with White!! In the past the only way to accomplish white print on decals was a screen printing process. The Issue with screen printing is that, setup and run are expensive. 

Now, 123Decal offers a product that can be face or Back adhesive, printed on clear material Static Cling or adhesive. The beauty is that you can use White now as a color included in 4CP or Full Color Print.

 123Decal President commented:

” This is exciting for us and our customers, we have worked hard always to have the highest quality at a fair price. This new technology allows us to offer our full of decals at almost any quantity without the expensive of heavy setup fees.”

You can view more about 123Decal and our Lines of Static Cling Decals , and Double Faced Decals online @ 



Press Release: 123Decal Launches Online Catalog

Online Decal Provider 123Decal recently launched an online catalog allowing customers to see all the printed materials available all online.

Aug 22, 2011 – Boise, Idaho – 123Decal a leader in the production of Custom and Static Cling Decals has announced the release of their Full Line 2011 Online Catalog. As part of a campaign to make it easier, 123Decal has made pricing and full selection of our products online. The product lines listed in this catalog range from Custom Decals to Banners, Yard Signs, Double Sided Decals and more.

“We very proud to offer this our customers” said 123Decal president Tyler Hurst. He continued

“This is another way that 123Decal is making it easier for those looking to purchase decals and other printed materials”

Along, with continuous growth in their revenues and customer base, 123Decal has continually grown their website and product lines to meet the needs of consumers. The new catalog is now live and can be seen at 123Decal’s full site can also be viewed at

Static Cling Decals Take Off!

As more time pass. Less and less people want to attach decals to their cars. I get that. I don't! Especially my bumper. Now that bumper sticker and Vinyl Decalsare out, then what? Static Cling Decals of course. Static Cling Decals are durable and good looking but they are removable. You can put them in your store window and in your car window. 

We print them in bulk and some low quantity orders also. We print in digital format or screen printed format. Election season is coming and we want to be the source for static cling decals. We want to be your guys!


Come Give 123Decal A shot @ Static Cling Decals

I got my package in the mail!

Many people probably wonder if banners, custom decals, and bumper stickers are an effective use of advertising? Well overall, I would say Yes!



Bumper stickers BUMPER STICKERS

Usually you will find bumper sticker on the rear bumper of a car. So think the bigger the city the more advertisement due to traffic. How many times have you driven up to a car closer just to read the bumper sticker? Me…Way to many..But bumper stickers usually have an effective ROI due to the cheap and efficent printing of 123Decal. Last Year the average bumper sticker went for .38 cents each! And Other people are helping you to get it seen more! Take all the help you can get!

I found a really good news story about the use of bumper stickers at NPR: Click Listen now to Hear all about it!




So I think the same things apply to custom decals! I have had a pre-paid package in my car for about 4 day that needed to go out pretty urgently..But I kept forgeting! So the other day while in my office looking down on the street below me. I saw a fedex truck! I only knew it to be Fedex because of it's attached Custom Decals! So I ran to my car, flagged down the truck and they took my package away! My point is that I noticed it, and acted upon seeing it, only because of the decals that were on it. Call It Guerilla Marketing, but I got my package in the mail. My story hopefully llustrates my point about the CONSTANT BRANDING that needs to take place!

Part #3 of 3 – Speed Kills.. Decals Live On

 We Get Your Project Done..On Time. Right..The first time!

At, We really put an empasis on moving fast with our production times. Many instances have come up when we have had to rush or hurry a project because of a timeline or deadline you may have. Another neat thing is that 123Decal has an established list of Standard Sized Decals that can be viewed online, thus we can reduce the print time. We also have a set # of days for each item. You dont have to worry with us, we will do it in the time it takes.

Fast Static Cling DecalsFor Instance our 

Static Cling Decals, we have an established process and timelines for each of those decals! After years in the industy we know how long it takes to make decals, banners, and bumper stickers. But If you need a rush, let us know we can do it!


 Bottom Line.. You need decals fast. We are your team to get it done!


Will it last? Static Cling Decals vs. White Vinyl vs. Biodegradable Decals – There all still Custom

There is a lot of talk in the print industry about Decals and WILL IT LAST?

At 123Decal we put a massive empasis on decal quality and print. Almost everytime someone order they will ask, how long will it last in “xxxx” Enviornment. Well, Let me just tell you!

123Decal printed decals with UV INK, thus giving it a long life expectancy in the weather elements while also protecting againist fade. Many companies will just digital print decals to save time and money, thus giving  you good looking decal at a great price, but also not a long lasting product.

Enviormentally Friendly Decal Production 

Our Static Cling DecalsCustom Vinyl Decalsdouble sided decals and many other products will be printed with UV Ink. Our Labels and stickers are printed using a Flexo Print Process.

123Decal does offer Green Decals. As far as we know we provide the safest solution for the enviorment yet. By Printing with UV ink we save the polution into the ozone from Solvent inks that also run and get everywhere and release toxins into the enviorment during the print process. 123Decal also does offer BIODEGRADEABLE BANNERS & Recyced labels that are made from post consumer product.


Learn More @




#1 in Google…See for yourself

Well, Today is a great day @ we have made it. I think I could now die and go to heaven. Please indulge me as I brag a little bit. 123Decal recentliy became the #1 site in Google forStatic Cling Decals.

We have worked on SEO for about a year now, but this just goes to show how easy our site is navigate and work with.  We are happy to be here and continuallly drive sales to our great customers.

123Decal also has reached high marks in Google for Keywords like Double Side Decals, Custom Decals and More.

Go Google us: Static Cling Decals!