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123Decal Acquires The Banner Factory.

123Decal has acquired The Banner Factory to continue to promote growth while expanding their product lines.

PRLog (Press Release) ñ Feb 12, 2011 ñ Star, Idaho Febraury 12th, 2010 – 123Decal,, a consistent leader in the Custom Decal industry has recently announced the acquisition of The Banner Factory.

The Banner Factory is a wholesale provider of Custom Banners, Vinyl Banners Flag Banners and More. They have provided banners to clients locally as well as on a national basis. Although the details of the acquisition were not yet available, it is rumored that 123Decal is looking to expand their product lines after explosive growth in the custom decal industry.

123Decal just finished a year of their highest sales in company history. They are well position in their current market share in the sales of Custom Decals, Double Sided Decals, Static Cling Decals and Vinyl Decals. Although 123Decal expects continued growth in 2011 this announcement show continued desire to grow in the national market pass not only as a premier provider of Custom Decals, but Custom Banners also.

“We are excited for this addition to our company and we are looking forward to a very smooth transition with The Banner Factory Team” remarked 123Decal President Tyler R Hurst.

Hurst continued in a written statement “We invite our current base of decal clients to try our banners and see noticable difference in price and quality.”

123Decal is a provider of custom decals. They also offer other specific decals types such as Double Sided Decals, static Cling Decal and Vinyl Decals. Customers can contact 123Decal Online @ Readers can also see The Banner Factory’s site at

Double Sided Decals to the Rescue!

In Recent Weeks. I have seen a lot of requests for Double Sided Decals.

I think the reason is that they are a great source to double your advertising. For NOT double your cost.

Double Sided Decals can come in various forms..
– Static Cling Double Sided Decals
– Full Color or 4Cp Double Sided Decals
– Temporary Adhesive or Removable Double Sided Decals
– Spot Color Decals are also available.

The point is to realize that 123Decal can be a huge provider of Double Sided or Double Face Decals NO MATTER WHAT THE PROJECT.
Contact us @ 866-568-2366

Happy Holidays!

Election 2009 – Coming Soon!

Within about another week. When you visit our site you will be able to find ample information about election products for 2009 and 2010. Within the last few election cycles we have seen a large increase in spending, which also means a large increase in spending on Printed Election Material like Bumper Stickers, Static Cling Decals, Corrugated Plastic Signs and More.
123Decal stands very tall in election products. We have supplied many congressional, city council, & state legistative races around the country! We will continue to expand the type of Products that we carry to suit the Growing need for printed election Materials; we will be featuring the basics and then some more:
Corrugated Plastic Signs –
Bumper Stickers-
Static Cling Decals –
Labels –
Posters –
Door Hangers –
When it’s up and ready to go we will make an announcement on the Blog and Twitter and FaceBook. Althought we mainly have printed static cling decals, custom decals and bumper stickers, we have also been a large supplier of Corrugated Plastic Signs.
It’s Coming Soon! 123Decal Election Products!

Tyler R Hurst

New Products at

This will be a quick post but I wanted to let everyone know about some new products that we have recently put on our website
Parkng Permits:
We have posted a page about parking permits. These include Hanging Parking Permits, Static Cling Parking Permits, Rear View Mirror parking permits and more. Each type of parking permit can also have consecutive numbering! We have full color parking permit and spot color permit options.
Check our our full line:
Security Signs:
We just rolled out a new page also about security signs! These signs come in standard and reflective material. They are all 9″ x 9″, and come in various shapes. The material is also durable to weather, fading and cracking, they will never yellow either. In Addition, we also offer aluminium stakes to go with our security yard signs! We invite you to take a look at
More New Products to come!

A Full Line of Static Cling Decals!

Every single day it becomes more apparent…The need for Decals, a fabulous form of advertising, that doesnt ruin things. I hear it day after day; “I need a decal to pass out but I dont want to leave anything behind if removed”
We offer the Perfect Solution: Static Cling Decals
Static Cling Decals are high quality, durable and they look great, but they dont have any adhesive material on them.
Common uses or terms of Static Cling Decals are:
Car Window Decals
Store Window Decals
Static Clings
Window Clings
Window Decals
Cling on
Non Adhesive Decals
3 Types of Static Cling Material:
Clear Face Static (Clings on the frint of the print..I.e car window decal)
Clear Back Static(Clings on the back i.e. service sticker/decal)
White back static – Back static that is a White Background material

If you have other Qustions visit us @
or Call us anytime @ 1.866.5862366

Yellow Dot-Decals

As of late, we have been recieving alot of inquires regarding a item called Yellow Decal Dots. These decals are part of state yellow dot programs. and we have been lucky enough to print them for different groups in states like Alabama and Florida.

Our Product:
Usually the yellow dot decal would go inside the car window viewable to the outside. 123Decal normally prints these decals on Static Cling Decals. Although we have printed them on White Vinyl Decal material also. We have full color, quality and long lasting solution that works perfect and all quanties.
Sometimes also can be called Static Cling Stickers, Yellow Dot Stickers, or Yellow Dot Labels of even Yellow Dot Window Decals, We will take care of whatever your need.
Design of your Static Cling Decals:
We have worked with our various Yellow Dot Decal customers to change the surrounding decal text to meet your needs. Just let us know what you need it to say and we will get you fixed up!
Click Here to get a Free Quote Now >>

123Decal Announces Additional Decal Product Lines

December 26, 2013 ñ Boise, Idaho –, an industry leader in production of Static Cling Decals and Double Sided Decals announced today the additional of product lines to their ever growing list of decal products.
Along with continued growth in existing lines, the Boise based company proudly offers new lines to better serve their clients. Starting in December 2013 they will now offer Floor Decals, and Large Format Store Window Decals.
ìWe have to continue to offer the products that our clients are asking for, and we want to serve them!î said company president Tyler Hurst.
Both product lines can benefit many groups including retail stores, schools, car dealerships and more. Floor decals work on many different floor types and are easily applied and easily removed. The other line of large format window decals, is a very practical line that many small and large businesses take advantage of. These large format decals come in in full color UV digital print with multiple substrate options such as Permanent adhesive, temporary or removable adhesive and static cling decals.
123Decal offers a full line of custom decals to a wide variety of customers around the United States. They have shown continual growth in custom decals but also in other printed items such as corrugated plastic signs along with other campaign and election items.
ìEveryone ought to give us a shot, we are passionate about our work, customer service and qualityî said Hurst. ìWe are grateful for our customers and canít wait to serve others.î
Customers can get a free price quote Get a Free Decal Quote Here!
The public is invited to view their corporate website @

Even More New Products at

This will be a fairly short post. But we are excited to get people excited about a couple of new product lines that we have added to our website. We have also strived to add new products and keep current and fresh in the Custom Decal markets. So You can find all of our decals @
We have recently added 2 new decal lines:

Domed Decals
These decals are decal that also has a polyurethane topping to give it a luxurous domed look! You can use many decal materials to make these but we think it’s an interesting and well used product.

Brushed Chrome Decals
These Decaals offer a Uniquie high quality finish. You can get these decals in Brushed Chrome, Chrome or even gold material. They ad a special attention grabbing sheen. These decals are very common on office equipment and to tag your rental and rented products.
Either way we just wanted to let the world know that we are still growing and offering great product lines. We invite everyone to come check us out and get a free quote @

Thank You,
Tyler Hurst

Are Removable Decals the future?

One thing that I am realizing is that Removable decals are seemingly becoming more common while standard regular vinyl decal are slowing off.

Decal Application:
Ultimately, the application matters. Recently we sold a decal that was meant to be a theft deterrent. Of course that decal on a car window was intended to be permenant. In another example the sometimes manufacturers install decals that are meant to be removed.
Consider elections, we are currently looking at the onset of the 2014 midterm elections, and bumper stickers will be sold. But will they be applied? I think that if they are removable, yes. It’s odd to think about but no one puts bumper stickers on their bumpers, they are all on the windows. Which brings a really good question. What decals are then properly applied to windows.
Usually there are 3 types of Decals that go on car windows
1 – Static Cling Decals or Window Clings – They usually go on the inside of the car window, viewable to the outside world. Protected from the harsh elements, these decals can last, are REMOVABLE and also repositionable.
View Static Cling Decals Here:

2 – Clear Polyester Window Decals – These decals are usually on the outside of the car window, they are a clear decal with an adhesive. These Decals come in Removable and Permanant adhesive decals
View Clear Decals here:

3 – White Vinyl Decals – Vinyl decals come in white they apply on the back of the car window and can also be Removable or Permanent.
View Vinyl Decals here:

Check out our website to learn more now!


Tyler Hurst

Campaign Signs: Everything you need to know.

It’s been a busy Primary season for us in 2014. For Which we are very grateful. There are few industry standards that everyone should be aware of:
Standard Sizes for Campagin Signs:
18″ x 24″
24″ x 48″ Signs
4′ x 8′ or 48″ x 96″

Of course when it comes to campaigns, you have your colors for all your materials.. But when it comes to signs. You want good contrasting colors so that the signs are very clear to read. I like to used the term 35 Miles Hour Rule. Which basically makes the point that you need to be able to read the sign if driving by at 35 mph.

When it comes to designing your signs. It does matter. I have seen some terrible designs and some great designs. Let me be clear. Less is more. Simple is better when it comes to signs. Allow the sign to be readable. You want to make sure to emphasize your name and office running for. Contrast is important.

Generally most campaign signs are 4 Mm or 4 Mil Corrugated Plastic. There are also 10 Mil, which generally will cost more but will be longer lasting and durable.

So there is an eternal quesiton of do i print 1 side or 2 sides on these signs. There are some factors to consider
1 – Placement of Sign – Many times I see 4′ x 8′ foot signs 2 sided with one back in a low visibility area.
2- Cost – Generally, 2 sides signs cost more.. I do recommend this for 18″ x 24″ and make sure to place them in high visibility area for both sides. I also generally think this is great for 24″ x 48″ signs, but on most occasions I don’t recommend this for 4′ x 8′ signs unless both sides are high visibility areas.

Stakes and Mounting:
Okay. for 18″ x 24″ signs its a very simple H Stake. They are fairly inexpensive and and readily accessible for your sign supplier. (Hopefully us)
for 2′ x 4′ Signs 2 there are really 2 options 1. you can use 2 H stakes Side by side, 2. Re-bar on the Side of each sign.
When it comes to 4′ x 8′ it’s more a free for all. I have seen wooden posts, or taller rebar or Green Steel T posts.(usually found at your hardware store)

Well.. I hope this has been a helpful and cursory view of all this Campaign signs. Please check our whole line of campaign products out @