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Understand the Process, Understand the Price!

Double Sided DecalsToday, I had a conversation with a gentlemen about double sided decals. We were discussing the method of print and how he wanted his decals to be produced.

So I thought to myself: “Maybe people don't understand the process of the double sided decal production”

Double Sided Decals are produced in 1 or 2 ways. Digital Printed or Screen Printed. The process includes printing the image face down and then reversed and the putting a backer layer down, and then printing the face up side! Other have known to do it a different way also. But This process is time intensive and generally there is a need for drying and curing! (That is the Screen Printed or Digital way) Althought other print methods are possible!

123Decal has produced Double Sided Decals for many large companies and organizations! Come Get a Quote






Where are your Applying your Decals?

Over the past week, has seen a tremendous amount of question about the Application of Custom decals, Primarly Static Cling Decals vs. Vinyl Decals

When thinking about whether you need static cling or vinyl decals there are a few factors to consider:

Static Cling Decals, Window Decals1- Window Tint – Window Decals or Static Cling decals usually would be placed on the inside of the window and will be viewable to the outsite world. If you have tint on your car windows in may imped on the visibility of the decal, many areas that are hot or warm yearround usually have a high propensity to have tinted windows in cars and thus it may not be a good idea. 

Outside Vinyl Decals2- Outside or Inside – Many people are looking for a Removable Decal, which a static cling decal or window decal can be. But Does not recommend using a standard cling on the outside of a moving car. They may blow away. Some people say that if you apply a static cling decal with windex that it will stay on.. I wouldnt risk it. If you plan to use a decal on the outside of a moving car we recommend a vinyl decal or removable vinyl decal.


All in all we do print our Decals with UV INK, which is not only enviornmentally friendly but also it's a great product that holds up against weather and wont fade



Tyler Hurst  

Taste the Decal…Or dont. How to use a Static Cling

I once was given a political sticker and told that if i used windex it would go on and stay on. It was a Static Cling Decal. So being the optimist I am, I tried it. 

I got about 4 miles down the interstate and looked back to inspect my new found knowledge to find that it was a Folk Lore of the highest Order. STATIC CLING DECALS don't do well in 75MPH on the outside of your car.

A Static Cling Decal is a great decal for indoors and inside windows so the outside world can see it. In Fact the 123Decal Static Clings are really good, we print with UV ink, so it's not only eviornmentally friendly, but very durable and it lasts againist the sunlight and wont fade.

Many people still seek a decal that is applicaple for the outside of the car but comes off. If they dont want to use a quality magnet, then I would recommend a Removable Decal.  

Our Removable decals or Removable bumper stickers, magnets and static cling decal are all printed with UV INK. You dont have to taste it to find out. The removable decal is sticky and tacking but no permanent. Now the 123Decal Bumper Stickers are custom and permanent, They are removable within 6 months. Try one today!



Tyler Hurst 


Decals – Not as Simple as you Think!

When people say decal what do they mean? Is that a sticker? Is a Sticker and Decal that same thing?

 Dont forget about Kinds of Decals…. Static Cling, Vinyl Decals, Removable or tempory adhesive. If you really want to make your head spin, think about the different color combinations that you can provide also..White backing, clear, Full color.

A Decal is a….well,…Decal

The word decal is a very generic term for many different segments of Decals and Stickers. Most people think of a decal as a stick, adhering, vinyl sticker that you adhere to things. YES. Okay so you need stickers? Did you mean label? The big issue in is industry is that there are no “Standardized Terms” for anything. So let me take the initiative right now to set some. Who knows if the Industry will follow.

DecalsA decal is a usually a vinyl or polyester product in which people adhere them to different items. Car Decals, Window Decals, Bumper Stickers (technically a decal), oval decals, and more.. There are 3 Main Decal Types: VINYL DECAL, STATIC CLING DECAL, or REMOVABLE DECALS.

   Vinyl Decals – Made on a vinyl propylene, you can print full or single colors. Usually Vinyl Decals are made with White Vinyl and are by far the most common types of Decals. Many outdoor decals you see on cars are Viny Decals.

  Static Cling Decals – This is also a very common decal. Static clings are sometimes also called Window Decals. They are mainly used in cars. Static cling back be face or back adhering, and usually is clear, but there is white back adhering static cling material also. These decals are available in the face adhesive and back adhesive. We might warn, dont put them on the outside of  your car. They usually won't stay.

 Removable Decals – These are interesting decals. They are a great product that you can apply and adhere as a regular decal, but now you it's removable also. Many people love these for campaign or election decals. Oh yes, since your asking we can do this in bumper stickers also! Now you can get removable decals in Clear or in White. Either way, they will come off when you want.

Well Thanks,


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I need Decals too!

The other day I was driving my wife's car and I noticed that her car (new to us) didnt have any decals on it. So by this finding, I began to think, how do I feel about decals on my car, what kind of decal would I use, and what messages would I put on my car.

This is i have decided. (also note I have another car that does have decals on)

I would chose to use Static Cling Decals to promote either a brand or sports teams that I like. If I had a child on a sports team, I would promote that team also. Perhaps, anothe solution would be a temporary adhesive decal. If I was really  about something, maybe I would even apply a regular custom decal that is permement.  

Many people will only support different causes, sports team, promote their car type or even make a political statement.  

Either way I will plan to put more decals on my cars. But remeber I will only put them on the window. 

What is Vectored Artwork?

 In the print world, a word that you will here thrown around a lot is Vector art. “Do you have Vector Art”. Many companys charge a fee to “vector your art” for you. When you give a machine artwork to print you give it Vectored art. Some machines will accept the lesser version called Raster Artwork.  


Vector Art

The idea behind vector art is to use mathmatical formulas to actually print, by using lines. Thus you have an exact measurement of where the print goes in relationship to the Custom Decal or Banner you are printing. Most decal artwork must be produced in vector format. When using the screen printing process, you must use vector artwork for print. Notice in the image above the zoom is at 4800% but it's still crystal clear and straight even lines.

Raster Art

When you have raster art the printed does not read it. Some digital printers can print using raster art and if the decal artwork is produced to the right size and the right DPI then you may be okay, but it's not recommended. 123Decal has professional graphic designers who do artwork and can vector your artwork for you. Notice in the raster art the grainy artwork.


So the next time you have a custom decal project, or banners, or any type of print. Use 123Decal but when we ask for vector art, you'll understand why. It's only for your protection and to give you the best quality products.


Tyler,, Custom Decals, Banners, Bumper Stickers and more!

Market This!!

When first trying to get a new venture going many people ask.. How do I get the word out about what I am doing? So many people turn to many sources like Facebook, or Myspace, but that really is not consistant market advertising. Then people look at other avenues to continually get the word out about them.  So how many cars have stickers? 60 %  So. Think, a long lasting durable advertising source is decals. You have easy stick a decal on a car, sign, office window etc. and continue to brand yourself. Use Durabable Vinyl Custom Decals to continually help yourself have lasting advertising! You also can use alteratives such as Static Cling Decals or Double Sided Decals. Either Way Decals can be a great way whether a high school band or NBA Champs. Decals will always be there for you to help your message stick (no pun intended!) 

We Finally Made it!

It has been a great week here at, we have worked really hard and has accomplished for pretty important taskes…. Let me go on..

1. Page 1 in google. Now if you Search Static Cling Decals in Google, we are there. We have made a tremedous effort to move our website higher in the search engines. You can view our Static Cling Decals or search google and find them here.

Static Cling Decals2. We have now completed our Election and Campaign Products page. 123Decal has enjoyed working with campaigns for many years. We have printed Signs, Banners, Labels and Decals for Congressional Campaigns, City Council, State Legislature, and other campaign around the country. We are truley proud and excited to work with campaigns around the country. Make sure you get a free quote from 123Decal about your election products. We print fast and we print cheap, so check out



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Customer Service..Not the corporate style.. 123Decal Style


These days it seems like there is no real thing as Customer Service. Many people thing of customer service as a 13 minute wait on hold to fix your bill that should have been right in the first place. Or maybe with their print company, it's some guy who is trying to price gouge you because you might pay. With 123Decal we have a different image and style.

At we make a huge effort to offer amazing customer service, that means answering your email and phone calls in a timely manner. We strive to win your business and we act like it too! 

Whether you are looking for a quote on Banners or Custom Decals 123Decal will offer professional, prompt service and if we say that something is going to be done we do it. NO MORE MISSED DEADLINES.

Quality of Product is always an issue. If you find your product unsuitable for use contact us, We will do what we can to fix it, we want your return business!  

There are so many types of materials and processes of print. 123Decal will always make their professional recommendations to provide you the best possible product that you will love everytime!




Go Green and Save Green too?

These Days everyone is talking about Going Green. Green cars, green energy, green shopping bags. So how can we go green in the printing industry? What prodcuts are green and exactly how green are they.


 One of the big indicators of “Green” or not is print process. There are mainly 2 print processes you can use. UV or Solvent Ink. The Green way to go is to to use UV Ink. Solvent inks release toxic chemicals into the air. They also have a higher propensity for the ink product itself to run. The other ways that is to UV(ulta violet) Ink. By using UV. your print will not fade as fast, they are not toxic and the ink will not run. This print process is great for outdoors printing.

PRODUCTS:When people say they have green products find out how they are considered green. One Huge Green Product right now are Biodegradable banners. They are built to decompose quickly under landfill conditions. Also now prints GREEN stickers, labels and decals. We offer a full selction of Custom Decals that are printed with UV ink and some that are printed with 100% post consumer product. How about and organic cotton t-shirt.


What are the business practices of the company who is selling “Green” Prodcuts? I like to think about how much they print on paper as a good indicator? Do they print catalogs, mail invoices, and keep file cabinents full of paper work that would have all fit on a simple flash drive?

What do you think? If we can shouldnt we try to help the enviorment? Especially with the ever growing presence of the web. Do I really need a catalog… A perfect example is the phone. The other day 2 different phone companies brought me phone books. I felt bad…I dont need or want either. When was the last time you used a phone book?

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