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What is Vectored Artwork?

In the print world, a word that you will here thrown around a lot is Vector art. “Do you have Vector Art”. Many companys charge a fee to “vector your art” for you. When you give a machine artwork to print you give it Vectored art. Some machines will accept the lesser version called Raster Artwork.

Vector Art
The idea behind vector art is to use mathmatical formulas to actually print, by using lines. Thus you have an exact measurement of where the print goes in relationship to the Custom Decal or Banner you are printing. Most decal artwork must be produced in vector format. When using the screen printing process, you must use vector artwork for print. Notice in the image above the zoom is at 4800% but it’s still crystal clear and straight even lines.

Raster Art
When you have raster art the printed does not read it. Some digital printers can print using raster art and if the decal artwork is produced to the right size and the right DPI then you may be okay, but it’s not recommended. 123Decal has professional graphic designers who do artwork and can vector your artwork for you. Notice in the raster art the grainy artwork.

So the next time you have a custom decal project, or banners, or any type of print. Use 123Decal but when we ask for vector art, you’ll understand why. It’s only for your protection and to give you the best quality products.
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