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Screen Print Custom Decals

Most of our decals are Screen Printed. So I thought it might be prudent to take a moment to talk about screen printing. I love screen printing because there is an exactness about it. You know the resolution will be perfect and full. The edges will print right perfectly, i love them. Most people are somewhat familiar with the screen printing or SILK SCREENING PROCESS.

Perfect for the following:
Spot Color Decals
Single Color Decals
Large Format Projects
Low Cost Decals

When it come to screen printing decals you have to do a couple of thing different. Your art has to be vectored, that means usually created in adobe illustrator, you also then have to pick out a color. At , we have standard print colors and we accept pantone colors matches. Then you know exactly how your decal is gonna look.
We print alot of clear static cling decals one recommendation is to always back the decal in white to avoid it looking faded in the sunlight. If you do sometimes you get a little white Halo which looks pretty neat too

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How it is that Integrity Counts Part #2

Do it when you say your going to do it!
One of my life pet peeves is when someone tells me something willbe done and then it’s not. Barring any sort of complete disaster, I generally donítunderstand why it didnít get done. In my life, My family always comefirst.. But, if i promise or even tell someone something will be done.. Youbetter count on it getting done! The companies that i like to work with are companies that will go the extra mile and that will do whatever it takes to GET THE JOB DONE.
Last week a customer emailed me at 1AM his time to ask about thetime table for his decals. I was at my home office doing some graphic design. Ilooked up the printing schedule and replied. He then replied..”I can’tbelieve youíre up”. Me Either.. But in all reality i was doinggraphic design for a customer whom I promised that it would be done the nextday! So I stayed up and did it!
With 123Decal it’s about Integrity, it’s about printing theright product at the right time.. On Time. It’s about doing what you say yourgoing to do and delivering on schedule .
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While at the football game…..I found out why 123Decal is better.

3 Part Blog…
Part #1 —-Quality Does Matter!
Okay so last Saturday I attended a large scale college football game. I wont tell you who cause my team got pounded! But while I was in town and driving in Boise, I noticed that there was a lot of sign printers advertising. How convenient for them, they can print their own stuff. So, I started to think to myself, how would a business decided who to do business with? Some many companies so many great deals?
I came up with 3 major Factors that can decide whom to do business with:
1. Quality Does Matter

While printing projects their are cheap and fast way to do it. Many people will cut corners to save money. In my years in the business I have seen many companies push sizes down, print on cheap material, use empty ink and more. So what assures a quality project. Material, Ink, and Durability. 123Decal prints using machines that use INK Ink. No need for a UV coat with our products. They have UV ink so it wont fade, or run, it’s durable in all weather conditions.
Static Cling Decals, Banners, and Vinyl Decals, can all be screen printed or Digital printed. You get what you pay for. If they are digital did they print rich and full colors or does it look like they just ran it off on their household HP? Cutting is also important because the final finish of a product really speaks for the company. Are they jagged and looks like a 4 year old did it? or are they professional? i have seen both, trust me, even if you dont use the backing or cut around part of a Vinyl Decal, looks do matter.
With 123Decal alway expect the best. We know what it takes to be Professionals and we are a Professional Printing Company.

Will it last? Static Cling Decals vs. White Vinyl vs. Biodegradable Decals- There all still Custom

There is a lot of talk in the print industry about Decals and WILL IT LAST?
At 123Decal we put a massive empasis on decal quality and print. Almost everytime someone order they will ask, how long will it last in “xxxx” Enviornment. Well, Let me just tell you!
123Decal printed decals with UV INK, thus giving it a long life expectancy in the weather elements while also protecting againist fade. Many companies will just digital print decals to save time and money, thus giving you good looking decal at a great price, but also not a long lasting product.
Enviormentally Friendly Decal Production
Our Static Cling Decals, Custom Vinyl Decals, double sided decals and many other products will be printed with UV Ink. Our Labels and stickers are printed using a Flexo Print Process.
123Decal does offer Green Decals. As far as we know we provide the safest solution for the enviorment yet. By Printing with UV ink we save the polution into the ozone from Solvent inks that also run and get everywhere and release toxins into the enviorment during the print process. 123Decal also does offer BIODEGRADEABLE BANNERS & Recyced labels that are made from post consumer product.

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We are weatherproof!

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season all across the country! If you are looking for some outdoor proof decals, we have several options that can fit your needs.

Our Weatherproofing Guide
Regular, Super, and Ultra Tac
Our permanent adhesive comes in 3 levels. Regular tac, Super tac, and Ultra tac. If you’re looking for a decal that will stay put no matter what the wind, rain, or snow blows your way, you’re looking for one of our permanent decals.
Another great way to weatherproof your decals is with overlamination. The awesome thing about overlamination is that it can be added to any decal, including our speedy ships. Why overlamination? Overlamination will keep your decals protected from the elements, chemicals, cleaners, and any moisture or spills that may occur. It prevents abrasion to the decal, ensuring that your colors will NOT scratch off or fade.
And, as always…
As always, we use UV inks which are environmentally friendly and do not fade in the sun.

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You can still Customize a Standard Decal

123Decal has always been able to offer tremendous prices to our customers. One of the ways that we do it is by using Standard and Pre-Set Shapes and sizes. What we’ve done is taken a look at the most commonly ordered decals, and implemented standard shapes and sizes. By doing this we have preset dies and production methods to save you TIME & MONEY.
Custom Decals

A very common decal shaped is the 4″ x 6″ Oval. This is classified as a standard sized decal. Where you can still have a Custom Decal by putting your message and artwork on this particular decal. It is also important to note that we do provided standard decals is BULK, otherwise known as BULK DECALS, and also provided in Many Different Substrates.
Included in our Standard Decal Materials are:

Static Cling Decals
Clear Polyester Decals
White Vinyl Decals
Other Shapes and Sizes

Artwork Heaven

Lately we have super busy. I have been just buried in orders of Corrugated Plastic Signs and Static Cling Decals. Many of our orders have been for Static Stick Double Sided Decals.

I love those. They are just a great object with a great message (ON BOTH SIDES 🙂 . Anyways, i just wanted to check in and say hi. We are still here and doing well, just enjoying the 2010 campaign season!


Market This!!

When first trying to get a new venture going many people ask.. How do I get the word out about what I am doing? So many people turn to many sources like Facebook, or Myspace, but that really is not consistant market advertising. Then people look at other avenues to continually get the word out about them. So how many cars have stickers? 60 % So. Think, a long lasting durable advertising source is decals. You have easy stick a decal on a car, sign, office window etc. and continue to brand yourself. Use Durabable Vinyl Custom Decals to continually help yourself have lasting advertising! You also can use alteratives such as Static Cling Decals or Double Sided Decals. Either Way Decals can be a great way whether a high school band or NBA Champs. Decals will always be there for you to help your message stick (no pun intended!)

How to Properly-Advertise…

These Days it seems as if people will do anything to get their info out there, to get in front of more people then ever before. So one has to can you do it and how can you do it for less?
Use your Car..
How many times to do you see people advertise with Car Decals or Window Decals. Honestly it works, if for nothing else, letting your friends know that you perform a certain service. Cars are visible and noticed, but also they are huge, it’s like having a moving billboard. Whether you are a realtor or sell static cling decals, you really can move your product by using your car.
When i drive down the same road everyday to the office, i notice things are different. Take a look at what change will do for your business. People will notice what is different and you dont have to go buy a whole sign but you can spend $100 on a full color banner and really grab attention.
Custom Decals
As you pass your Static Cling Decals, or other Vinyl decals around people will put them on their car or car window, There is nothing better then seeing your decal on someone elses car.

Go Green and Save Green too?

These Days everyone is talking about Going Green. Green cars, green energy, green shopping bags. So how can we go green in the printing industry? What prodcuts are green and exactly how green are they.
One of the big indicators of “Green” or not is print process. There are mainly 2 print processes you can use. UV or Solvent Ink. The Green way to go is to to use UV Ink. Solvent inks release toxic chemicals into the air. They also have a higher propensity for the ink product itself to run. The other ways that is to UV(ulta violet) Ink. By using UV. your print will not fade as fast, they are not toxic and the ink will not run. This print process is great for outdoors printing.

When people say they have green products find out how they are considered green. One Huge Green Product right now are Biodegradable banners. They are built to decompose quickly under landfill conditions. Also now prints GREEN stickers, labels and decals. We offer a full selction of Custom Decals that are printed with UV ink and some that are printed with 100% post consumer product. How about and organic cotton t-shirt.
What are the business practices of the company who is selling “Green” Prodcuts? I like to think about how much they print on paper as a good indicator? Do they print catalogs, mail invoices, and keep file cabinents full of paper work that would have all fit on a simple flash drive?
What do you think? If we can shouldnt we try to help the enviorment?

Especially with the ever growing presence of the web. Do I really need a catalog… A perfect example is the phone. The other day 2 different phone companies brought me phone books. I felt bad…I dont need or want either. When was the last time you used a phone book?
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