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How do Reduce your Custom Decal Cost!

Everyday we deal with customers who are looking for a deal or a discount. Then when they go on a quest for better pricing they dont find it! There are certain costs involved in the process of printing and producing decals!
Screen Printing
When someone wishes to screen print decals, the number of colors will be a huge factor in the cost of the decals. Each color is more ink and then the cost of making and laying a screen for the decal. 4 Colors = 4 Screens.Dont forget the color mixing and costs!
Digital Printing
When you have decals that are digital printed they have to setup the art onthe computer, send it to the printer and then roll it out. Change the printer material and then print.
Dont Forget the cutting costs!

So if you want to reduce your costs for decals First of all Visit then cut down on the size and the color!
4 Main Things
1. Use a Smaller Size
2. Use Less Colors,
3. Order a high Quantitiy
4. Use a less expensive substrate

Tyler, not so known to be the king of Custom Decals.

New Products for 2015!

We have some seriously awesome new products coming in for 2015 that will be available starting this week!
1) Helmet Decals
2) Clear Rulers
3) Magstripe Cards
4) Water Bottle Labels

All of the above products are great ways to market your business or cause to the public, and at 15% off catalog prices there’s no reason to delay.
Visit Our Site Here to learn more:
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$100 Minimum new to

123Decal has now decided to announce a $100 minimum per order. The amount of business we have been recieving has forced us to stress this in essence to provide a better service for our customers.
Due to the Process
The Minimum is due to many factors. we hope that our customer will realize that even on a $100 after material, inks and other administrative costs that we have a very low margin. the printing process alone can take hours to setup to run some very small orders.
To Get the Best Prices
Generally the best pricing is dealt to the high quantities. When printing in high quantities we can offer better pricing because we amortize the setup costs over larger number of decals. We have recently quoted labels and stickers in quantites of 130,000. We also have had recent order of Static Cling and Double Sided Decals in the amounts over 10,000.
Colors matter in your cost also. The Number of Colors will affect your price, the more the increase cost. This comes from the usage of more raw materials and more labor due the usage of Extra Screens to screen printing.
When it Comes to Bulk or mass production Decals. 123Decal is your Spot.


Press Release: 123Decal Launches Online Catalog

Online Decal Provider 123Decal recently launched an online catalog allowing customers to see all the printed materials available all online.
Aug 22, 2011 ñ Boise, Idaho ñ 123Decal a leader in the production of Custom and Static Cling Decals has announced the release of their Full Line 2011 Online Catalog. As part of a campaign to make it easier, 123Decal has made pricing and full selection of our products online. The product lines listed in this catalog range from Custom Decals to Banners, Yard Signs, Double Sided Decals and more.
ìWe very proud to offer this our customersî said 123Decal president Tyler Hurst. He continued
ìThis is another way that 123Decal is making it easier for those looking to purchase decals and other printed materialsî
Along, with continuous growth in their revenues and customer base, 123Decal has continually grown their website and product lines to meet the needs of consumers. The new catalog is now live and can be seen at 123Decalís full site can also be viewed at

Even More New Products at

This will be a fairly short post. But we are excited to get people excited about a couple of new product lines that we have added to our website. We have also strived to add new products and keep current and fresh in the Custom Decal markets. So You can find all of our decals @
We have recently added 2 new decal lines:

Domed Decals
These decals are decal that also has a polyurethane topping to give it a luxurous domed look! You can use many decal materials to make these but we think it’s an interesting and well used product.

Brushed Chrome Decals
These Decaals offer a Uniquie high quality finish. You can get these decals in Brushed Chrome, Chrome or even gold material. They ad a special attention grabbing sheen. These decals are very common on office equipment and to tag your rental and rented products.
Either way we just wanted to let the world know that we are still growing and offering great product lines. We invite everyone to come check us out and get a free quote @

Thank You,
Tyler Hurst

123Decal Announces Additional Decal Product Lines

December 26, 2013 ñ Boise, Idaho –, an industry leader in production of Static Cling Decals and Double Sided Decals announced today the additional of product lines to their ever growing list of decal products.
Along with continued growth in existing lines, the Boise based company proudly offers new lines to better serve their clients. Starting in December 2013 they will now offer Floor Decals, and Large Format Store Window Decals.
ìWe have to continue to offer the products that our clients are asking for, and we want to serve them!î said company president Tyler Hurst.
Both product lines can benefit many groups including retail stores, schools, car dealerships and more. Floor decals work on many different floor types and are easily applied and easily removed. The other line of large format window decals, is a very practical line that many small and large businesses take advantage of. These large format decals come in in full color UV digital print with multiple substrate options such as Permanent adhesive, temporary or removable adhesive and static cling decals.
123Decal offers a full line of custom decals to a wide variety of customers around the United States. They have shown continual growth in custom decals but also in other printed items such as corrugated plastic signs along with other campaign and election items.
ìEveryone ought to give us a shot, we are passionate about our work, customer service and qualityî said Hurst. ìWe are grateful for our customers and canít wait to serve others.î
Customers can get a free price quote Get a Free Decal Quote Here!
The public is invited to view their corporate website @

Yellow Dot-Decals

As of late, we have been recieving alot of inquires regarding a item called Yellow Decal Dots. These decals are part of state yellow dot programs. and we have been lucky enough to print them for different groups in states like Alabama and Florida.

Our Product:
Usually the yellow dot decal would go inside the car window viewable to the outside. 123Decal normally prints these decals on Static Cling Decals. Although we have printed them on White Vinyl Decal material also. We have full color, quality and long lasting solution that works perfect and all quanties.
Sometimes also can be called Static Cling Stickers, Yellow Dot Stickers, or Yellow Dot Labels of even Yellow Dot Window Decals, We will take care of whatever your need.
Design of your Static Cling Decals:
We have worked with our various Yellow Dot Decal customers to change the surrounding decal text to meet your needs. Just let us know what you need it to say and we will get you fixed up!
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Check out these awesome chalkboard decals! They are one of our newest products and we are really excited to announce these!
Chalkboard Decals are a great way to display your message. All shapes are kiss-cut on a carrier sheet and white ink is recommended for best readability and contrast. You can write messages, appointments, and commitments on this stylish decal.
Chalkboard Decals are supplied with a high tack removable adhesive designed for painted wall surfaces and low surface energy applications. The decals are removable for up to 6 months after application from most surfaces.
They come in a couple standard sizes and they are super awesome for around the office, clientele, and customer gifts!
Chalkboard Decals are great for school lockers, pantry doors in a kitchen and on a message wall in an office or work environment. These decals provide plenty of space for branding a company and are a fun way to communicate a message.
Please contact us today for samples and pricing. We look forward to it!

Also- check out our new 2015 catalog ONLINE.

Standardized Terms in the Decal Industry

My Head Spins some days….. one of the biggest annoyanyces in the printing industry is the NON-Standardization of terms.

Think about this: what is the difference to profile cut vs. procut? NOTHING… to some profile cut means something completely different. So I make the Clarion Call to the industry to standadize your terms. Since no one else will ever take the iniative to do this.. I will…See i am a thought leader afterall. I think that it's important to note that respects all vendor and hope they will conform to our language..Ya Right. 🙂

The Terms:

 Pro-cut – A procut decal, is a very common decal that has only the shape around it and any middle parts removed. This is very common in lettering for car windows. These Custom Decals are generally a little pricy because they require a little more time and effor to product. The Process is that you print it, weed it(remove un needed parts) and Masked it. Then apply it! Please note that a PRO-CUT decal can also be called a PROFILE CUT.  

 Die-Cut These is where the decal is cut out around the edge of the whole decal. In all technicallity a “Die Cut Decal” could be a circle, square, or anyother random shape. These are usually cut by using a Die that the pre fabricated before the cutting begins after printing. Die's can be very costly. Some slick digital printers and plotters can Cut throught the vinyl without having to use a DIE. Praise these guys for their great work.

Kiss-Cut – No i dont mean razor blade lips. A kiss cut decal is interesting becuause it is similar to the DIE CUT decals but they are not CUT all the way throught the vinyl. You usually have to peel it out as you see in this image. It helps to make it easy to protect the decal and to seperate it from the vinyl backing, plus it usually faster and cheaper to produce.

Well either way, we just hope you will get your Custom Decals from . We have buckets full of happy customers!