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Are Removable Decals the future?

One thing that I am realizing is that Removable decals are seemingly becoming more common while standard regular vinyl decal are slowing off.

Decal Application:
Ultimately, the application matters. Recently we sold a decal that was meant to be a theft deterrent. Of course that decal on a car window was intended to be permenant. In another example the sometimes manufacturers install decals that are meant to be removed.
Consider elections, we are currently looking at the onset of the 2014 midterm elections, and bumper stickers will be sold. But will they be applied? I think that if they are removable, yes. It’s odd to think about but no one puts bumper stickers on their bumpers, they are all on the windows. Which brings a really good question. What decals are then properly applied to windows.
Usually there are 3 types of Decals that go on car windows
1 – Static Cling Decals or Window Clings – They usually go on the inside of the car window, viewable to the outside world. Protected from the harsh elements, these decals can last, are REMOVABLE and also repositionable.
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2 – Clear Polyester Window Decals – These decals are usually on the outside of the car window, they are a clear decal with an adhesive. These Decals come in Removable and Permanant adhesive decals
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3 – White Vinyl Decals – Vinyl decals come in white they apply on the back of the car window and can also be Removable or Permanent.
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Tyler Hurst