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#1 in Google…See for yourself

Well, Today is a great day @ we have made it. I think I could now die and go to heaven. Please indulge me as I brag a little bit. 123Decal recentliy became the #1 site in Google for Static Cling Decals.
We have worked on SEO for about a year now, but this just goes to show how easy our site is navigate and work with. We are happy to be here and continuallly drive sales to our great customers.
123Decal also has reached high marks in Google for Keywords like Double Side Decals, Custom Decals and More.
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Taste the Decal…Or dont. How to use a Static Cling

I once was given a political sticker and told that if i used windex it would go on and stay on. It was a Static Cling Decal. So being the optimist I am, I tried it.
I got about 4 miles down the interstate and looked back to inspect my new found knowledge to find that it was a Folk Lore of the highest Order. STATIC CLING DECALS don’t do well in 75MPH on the outside of your car.
A Static Cling Decal is a great decal for indoors and inside windows so the outside world can see it. In Fact the 123Decal Static Clings are really good, we print with UV ink, so it’s not only eviornmentally friendly, but very durable and it lasts againist the sunlight and wont fade.
Many people still seek a decal that is applicaple for the outside of the car but comes off. If they dont want to use a quality magnet, then I would recommend a Removable Decal.
Our Removable decals or Removable bumper stickers, magnets and static cling decal are all printed with UV INK. You dont have to taste it to find out. The removable decal is sticky and tacking but no permanent. Now the 123Decal Bumper Stickers are custom and permanent, They are removable within 6 months. Try one today!

Tyler Hurst

Static Cling Decals vs. Removable Decals – Which fits your needs?

Static cling decals and removable adhesive decals are both great options for temporary or indoor use- but which should you use for your project?

Static Cling Decals
– Charged on either side to cling to glass or car windows.
– No adhesive, so there is no leftover adhesive or scraping when you’re ready to peel them off.
– Super clear graphics! They can come in a clear material, and because there is no adhesive, there is no “blur” that can be apparent in clear decals with adhesive.

Removable Decals
– Can be applied to any surface!
– Does not leave an adhesive residue when you peel them off.
– They can be repositioned.

Both Statics and Removables can be made custom, die cut, or in any of our standard shapes. Contact us for a quote or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email or give us a call.

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We have Static Cling Decals

Some how and thankfully Static Cling Decals have been one of our chief products at We are are thankful to have such great customers.

Now a little bit of explanation on static cling decals, there are 3 types material available in window clings.

1 – White Static Cling (Back Static Only) – These decals are white, which means they have a white background, but these decals are only available in back static. You can print full color, spot colors, digital or screen printed static cling decals look great too.
2- Clear Static Cling (Face Static) – These are clear static cling decals that go on the inside of car window clings or on the inside of store windows or store doors. Also able to print in full color, digital, screen or spot colors
3 – Clear Static Clings (Back Static) – Back Static clings also come in clear. Perfect for like oil change decals or mirrors. Sometimes these are even called service clings. Print in all types of colors and print.

Static Cling Decals are called in many different things such as: window clings, clings, statics, we prefer to call them Static Cling Decals.

I need Decals too!

The other day I was driving my wife’s car and I noticed that her car (new to us) didnt have any decals on it. So by this finding, I began to think, how do I feel about decals on my car, what kind of decal would I use, and what messages would I put on my car.
This is i have decided. (also note I have another car that does have decals on)
I would chose to use Static Cling Decals o promote either a brand or sports teams that I like. If I had a child on a sports team, I would promote that team also. Perhaps, anothe solution would be a temporary adhesive decal. If I was really about something, maybe I would even apply a regular custom decal that is permement.
Many people will only support different causes, sports team, promote their car type or even make a political statement.
Either way I will plan to put more decals on my cars. But remeber I will only put them on the window.

Special Pricing now for Static Cling Decals.

As 123Decal continues to be America’s Emerging leading in Static cling Decals and other custom decals they have announced special pricing on Static Cling Decals.

Guest to their website will now be able to get a quote and expect that their quote will have an instant built in discount. Static cling decals have continued to be a hot item for 123Decal and they are fueling their company growth!
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To White or no white?

Decals can are usually printed on one of 2 materials – Vinyl or Static Cling – Another caveat is that it is usually White or Clear.
If you are going to be using a clear material, they you need to use as a backer color. Lets say you have a logo that is red and blue. And it’s clear material
you stick in on the back of car window, now the clear takes on the colors of the car window. Imagine if you have tint? It doesnt stand out instead the decal just blends in . If you had a white backer(not flood white) then it would make it POP out.
Now the same applies for static cling decals. I see a lot of order for static cling decals and people place these on the inside of their car windows. Which is fine, but without the White their is no Pop!

See A Video Here!

Static Cling Decals in the Sun!

As the summer heat begins we get a lot of people looking for a solution for decals and car windows.
There are 3 main ways to look at this issue.
1. Put the decals in your window inside. – Here is the issue; if you have or most people in your area have tinted windows then if placed on the inside of the window your decals wont show.
2. If you put your Static Cling Decals on the outside of your window they will blow off of a moving vehicle. So i don’t know if I recommend them for the out side of a car because they will blow off.
3. In this case if you need to have a window decal visible and you need to show it, then you may have to consider using another type of Custom Decals such as a vinyl decal.
Either way, we want our customers to be happy please view more @