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Static Cling Decals – The Ultimate Decal and here is why

Static Cling Decals – The Perfect Decal (also called Window Clings)
Static Cling Decals are one of the best decals for a lot of reasons. I would like to take a moment and try to exhibit why static and window clings are the best type of decals to use. Of course there are different situations that may require different types of decals also.
1. My favorite reason for loving static cling decals is that they are literally Clings. Some Call them Window Clings. The value here is that they are removable and repositionable at all times. Unlike other decals that are difficult to remove, window clings come off right away and as long as you keep them clean and they still have static charge they will go right back on.
2. Another great reason to love static cling decals, they are clear. Yes, we sell many clear decals, but since static cling decals do not have any adhesisve it does not blur the decal. While Clear Polyester Decals are still Clear they do show a slight blur due to the adhesive being visible. Not so on a Static Cling Decal. There is no adhesive, so static clings are extremely clear, the value is that you could print something in the middle and edges don’t show as much.
3. Static Clings offer many options. There is ofcourse clear, but there is also a White Static Cling Decals option. So with the Clear version you can get Face Static (inside of the window) or Back Static (usually the outside of the window). White Static Cling Decals, only come in back static. They have a White Background, this can be helpful if you need a very opaque static cling decal or if you need a like background and want to avoid the ink cost.
Static clings can also be printed as Digital Static Cling Decals or Custom Spot Color Static Cling Decals and of course Full Color Static Cling Decals. We also offer a line of Double Sided decals that come in static cling.

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A Full Line of Static Cling Decals!

Every single day it becomes more apparent…The need for Decals, a fabulous form of advertising, that doesnt ruin things. I hear it day after day; “I need a decal to pass out but I dont want to leave anything behind if removed”
We offer the Perfect Solution: Static Cling Decals
Static Cling Decals are high quality, durable and they look great, but they dont have any adhesive material on them.
Common uses or terms of Static Cling Decals are:
Car Window Decals
Store Window Decals
Static Clings
Window Clings
Window Decals
Cling on
Non Adhesive Decals
3 Types of Static Cling Material:
Clear Face Static (Clings on the frint of the print..I.e car window decal)
Clear Back Static(Clings on the back i.e. service sticker/decal)
White back static – Back static that is a White Background material

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Static Cling Decals in the Sun!

As the summer heat begins we get a lot of people looking for a solution for decals and car windows. 

There are 3 main ways to look at this issue.

1. Put the decals in your window inside. – Here is the issue; if you have or most people in your area have tinted windows then if placed on the inside of the window your decals wont show.

2. If you put your Static Cling Decals on the outside of your window they will blow off of a moving vehicle. So i don't know if I recommend them for the out side of a car because they will blow off.

3. In this case if you need to have a window decal visible and you need to show it, then you may have to consider using another type of Custom Decals such as a vinyl decal.

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