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How it is that Integrity Counts Part #2


Do it when you say your going to do it!

One of my life pet peeves is when someone tells me something willbe done and then it's not. Barring any sort of complete disaster, I generally don’tunderstand why it didn’t get done.  In my life, My family always comefirst.. But, if i promise or even tell someone something will be done.. Youbetter count on it getting done! The companies that i like to work with arecompanies that will go the extra mile and that will do whatever it takes to GETTHE JOB DONE.

Last week a customer emailed me at 1AM his time to ask about thetime table for his decals. I was at my home office doing some graphic design. Ilooked up the printing schedule and replied. He then replied..”I can'tbelieve you’re up”.  Me Either.. But in all reality i was doinggraphic design for a customer whom I promised that it would be done the nextday! So I stayed up and did it!

 With 123Decal it's about Integrity, it's about printing theright product at the right time.. On Time. It's about doing what you say yourgoing to do and delivering on schedule .  

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You can still Customize a Standard Decal

123Decal has always been able to offer tremendous prices to our customers. One of the ways that we do it is by using Standard and Pre-Set Shapes and sizes. What we've done is taken a look at the most commonly ordered decals, and implemented standard shapes and sizes. By doing this we have preset dies and production methods to save you TIME  & MONEY.

Custom DecalsA very common decal shaped is the 4″ x 6″ Oval. This is classified as a standard sized decal. Where you can still have a Custom Decal by putting your message and artwork on this particular decal. It is also important to note that we do provided standard decals is BULK, otherwise known as BULK DECALS, and also provided in Many Different Substrates.   

Included in our Standard Decal Materials are: 



Artwork Heaven

Lately we have super busy. I have been just buried in orders of Corrugated Plastic Signs and Static Cling Decals. Many of our orders have been for Static Stick Double Sided Decals. I love those. They are just a great object with a great message (ON BOTH SIDES 🙂 . Anyways, i just wanted to check in and say hi. We are still here and doing well, just enjoying the 2010 campaign season!




#1 in Google…See for yourself

Well, Today is a great day @ we have made it. I think I could now die and go to heaven. Please indulge me as I brag a little bit. 123Decal recentliy became the #1 site in Google forStatic Cling Decals.

We have worked on SEO for about a year now, but this just goes to show how easy our site is navigate and work with.  We are happy to be here and continuallly drive sales to our great customers.

123Decal also has reached high marks in Google for Keywords like Double Side Decals, Custom Decals and More.

Go Google us: Static Cling Decals!  

While at the football game…..I found out why 123Decal is better.

3 Part Blog..

Part #1 —-Quality Does Matter! 

Okay so last Saturday I attended a large scale college football game. I wont tell you who cause my team got pounded! But while I was in town and driving in  Boise, I noticed that there was a lot of sign printers advertising. How convenient for them, they can print their own stuff.  So, I started to think to myself, how would a business decided who to do business with? Some many companies so many great deals?

I came up with 3 major Factors that can decide whom to do business with:

1. Quality Does Matter 


While printing projects their are cheap and fast way to do it. Many people will cut corners to save money. In my years in the business I have seen many companies push sizes down, print on cheap material, use empty ink and more. So what assures a quality project. Material, Ink, and Durability. 123Decal prints using machines that use INK Ink. No need for a UV coat with our products. They have UV ink so it wont fade, or run, it's durable in all weather conditions.  

Static Cling DecalsBanners, and Vinyl Decals, can all be screen printed or Digital printed. You get what  you pay for. If they are digital did they print rich and full colors or does it look like they just ran it off on their household HP?  Cutting is also important because the final finish of a product really speaks for the company. Are they jagged and looks like a 4 year old did it? or are they professional? i have seen both, trust me, even if you dont use the backing or cut around part of a Vinyl Decal, looks do matter.

With 123Decal alway expect the best. We know what it takes to be Professionals and we are a Professional Printing Company! 



Static Clings with White!

** 123Decal Announces New Product Line **

 Today we have a some good news on the front of digital print. 123Decal is proud to annoucne a new product line, Digital Printed Decals. Now with White!! In the past the only way to accomplish white print on decals was a screen printing process. The Issue with screen printing is that, setup and run are expensive. 

Now, 123Decal offers a product that can be face or Back adhesive, printed on clear material Static Cling or adhesive. The beauty is that you can use White now as a color included in 4CP or Full Color Print.

 123Decal President commented:

” This is exciting for us and our customers, we have worked hard always to have the highest quality at a fair price. This new technology allows us to offer our full of decals at almost any quantity without the expensive of heavy setup fees.”

You can view more about 123Decal and our Lines of Static Cling Decals , and Double Faced Decals online @ 



Election 2009 – Coming Soon!

Within about another week. When you visit our site you will be able to find ample information about election products for 2009 and 2010. Within the last few election cycles we have seen a large increase in spending, which also means a large increase in spending on Printed Election Material like Bumper Stickers, Static Cling Decals, Corrugated Plastic Signs and More.

123Decal stands very tall in election products. We have supplied many congressional, city council, & state legistative races around the country! We will continue to expand the type of Products that we carry to suit the Growing need for printed election Materials; we will be featuring the basics and then some more:

Corrugated Plastic Signs

Bumper Stickers-

Static Cling Decals –

Labels –

Posters –

Door Hangers –

 When it's up and ready to go we will make an announcement on the Blog and Twitter and FaceBook. Althought we mainly have printed static cling decals, custom decals and bumper stickers, we have also been a large supplier of Corrugated Plastic Signs.

It's Coming Soon! 123Decal Election Products!



Tyler R Hurst



Will it last? Static Cling Decals vs. White Vinyl vs. Biodegradable Decals – There all still Custom

There is a lot of talk in the print industry about Decals and WILL IT LAST?

At 123Decal we put a massive empasis on decal quality and print. Almost everytime someone order they will ask, how long will it last in “xxxx” Enviornment. Well, Let me just tell you!

123Decal printed decals with UV INK, thus giving it a long life expectancy in the weather elements while also protecting againist fade. Many companies will just digital print decals to save time and money, thus giving  you good looking decal at a great price, but also not a long lasting product.

Enviormentally Friendly Decal Production 

Our Static Cling DecalsCustom Vinyl Decalsdouble sided decals and many other products will be printed with UV Ink. Our Labels and stickers are printed using a Flexo Print Process.

123Decal does offer Green Decals. As far as we know we provide the safest solution for the enviorment yet. By Printing with UV ink we save the polution into the ozone from Solvent inks that also run and get everywhere and release toxins into the enviorment during the print process. 123Decal also does offer BIODEGRADEABLE BANNERS & Recyced labels that are made from post consumer product.


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Are printers making it easy enough?

So Here is the question…. Are printers making it easy enough?
I have the suspicion that they are not. This week alone i had some interesting experience that showed that it's easy to get business, if you can just use common sense and business professionalisms.

Lets Take a Moment and walk through an entire sales process:


You search the internet. You find a company and go to their website.


How many clicks to find the product you wanted? How was the site on your eyes. So yes. maybe some web designer thought it was totally cool…But really it's just annoying. We are still a business.

With 123Decal there are simple buttons and menus designed to show you what you need!

Lets make it simple.

Get a Price:


With 123Decal if you need a quote. Click the Free quote button and get a price quickly and easily! We will get back to you within minutes! Not Days!

Dont wanna wait for an email? Fine call us toll free @1-866-568-2366. We will be there to pick up the phone.

 Do you need Decal or static cling samples? No Problem we will get them out ASAP and they will be quality everytime.



This is the biggest annoyance in the industry: NOTHING IS ONTIME when you say a date or give a timeline. You do everything you can to meet it. And if you can INFORM THE CUSTOMER.

123Decal Recognizes the need for event planning and work.

Let us serve you and show you why we have the best customer service in the industry!


Check us our online @

If you need custom decals, banners or signs. We are your spot!

 Thanks, Tyler


Part #3 of 3 – Speed Kills.. Decals Live On

 We Get Your Project Done..On Time. Right..The first time!

At, We really put an empasis on moving fast with our production times. Many instances have come up when we have had to rush or hurry a project because of a timeline or deadline you may have. Another neat thing is that 123Decal has an established list of Standard Sized Decals that can be viewed online, thus we can reduce the print time. We also have a set # of days for each item. You dont have to worry with us, we will do it in the time it takes.

Fast Static Cling DecalsFor Instance our 

Static Cling Decals, we have an established process and timelines for each of those decals! After years in the industy we know how long it takes to make decals, banners, and bumper stickers. But If you need a rush, let us know we can do it!


 Bottom Line.. You need decals fast. We are your team to get it done!