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Election Stuff – You need it!


Elections are coming up! Great…Elections. It means the adds, signs, and fundraising. Wait that's perfect for a sign company. Whether your election is 2009 or 2010, use for the best prices and cheapest deals or Election Signage and more!

So when elections come around, there are so many things to think about. Here are the Printed materials you need:

Election Signs– Some people call them corrugated plastic, or “coroplast” or even campaign Signs. These are usually made of Corrugated Plastic that is built to withstand the elements. Make sure to pick visible, and easy on the eye colors. Be Careful with your Color Combinations also. Certain colors mean certain things, also sometime a mix of colors and be very distracting.

Bumper Stickers – Oh Yeah! Now also offers removable decals and bumper stickers so they will stay on forever or peel off after the election. We print with UV Ink so they are sure to last and not fade.

   Lapel Labels – What would a fundraiser be with out Lapel Labels. You need those. We offer lapel labels in all colors and shapes and sizes.

Whether it's custom decals or other signage, I am still sure 123Decal is your spot!

Static Cling Decals Take Off!

As more time pass. Less and less people want to attach decals to their cars. I get that. I don't! Especially my bumper. Now that bumper sticker and Vinyl Decalsare out, then what? Static Cling Decals of course. Static Cling Decals are durable and good looking but they are removable. You can put them in your store window and in your car window. 

We print them in bulk and some low quantity orders also. We print in digital format or screen printed format. Election season is coming and we want to be the source for static cling decals. We want to be your guys!


Come Give 123Decal A shot @ Static Cling Decals

What is a “Custom Decal””

Everyonce is a while, i will get a phone call or email asking…Do you do Custom Decals?. I slam my head on my desk..cry a little and thoughtfully answer, thats all we do.


Custom Decals

Standard Sizes:

We do offer standard Shapes and size for all decals. Do you need a static cling, vinyl or clear polyester decal? Do you need rounded or square corners? How many print colors? So really is there such thing as a custom decal? I say no.. I guess those shops that print mass or one thing and sell only that item. That is not custom. does offer a full range of standard shapes and sizes. These are designed to be printed faster and cheaper. We call them Speedy Ship Decals.

 Custom Decals: In Essence all decals are custom decals. They all have different images, colors sizes.  Please realize there are tonz of different materials you can use. Glow in the Dark Decals, Static Cling Decals, Vinyl Decals, Clear Decals and More.

Come Check us out for a full Selection and Price Range

Really Proud of our static cling decals

Due to our high page rank in google. I would guess that has a good portion of the market share for Static Cling Decals. Which is really cool if you think about it. We originally centered our business model around Custom Decals, Vinyl Decals. But Since google controls us we have really catered to the Static Cling Decal Market along with Double Side Decals. 

 Static Cling Decal are unique in the fact that they are removable and re-usable decals plus they can be placed on the inside and the outside of your car. 90% of our Orders are for Face Adhesive Decals.  Which is a Decal that is in the Window on the inside but viewable to the outside viewer. We have a lot of content that explains in more fully on our website at: 





Press Release: 123Decal Launches Online Catalog

Online Decal Provider 123Decal recently launched an online catalog allowing customers to see all the printed materials available all online.

Aug 22, 2011 – Boise, Idaho – 123Decal a leader in the production of Custom and Static Cling Decals has announced the release of their Full Line 2011 Online Catalog. As part of a campaign to make it easier, 123Decal has made pricing and full selection of our products online. The product lines listed in this catalog range from Custom Decals to Banners, Yard Signs, Double Sided Decals and more.

“We very proud to offer this our customers” said 123Decal president Tyler Hurst. He continued

“This is another way that 123Decal is making it easier for those looking to purchase decals and other printed materials”

Along, with continuous growth in their revenues and customer base, 123Decal has continually grown their website and product lines to meet the needs of consumers. The new catalog is now live and can be seen at 123Decal’s full site can also be viewed at

Static Cling Decals all the way!

Recently, 123Decal has been selling Static Cling Decals like crazy. We are very thankful to all the businesses who have helped us to become who we are! Part of our success for our decals has been the constant and reliable customer service and support we have. We also have a vast knowledge about static clings and window clings. 123Decal has sold 100's of 1000's of clings. 

Where they are Business Clings, or Window clings for your car. 123Decal is your source. We sell hundreds of static cling decals every week.

 We offer screen printed and digital printed, as well as double sided static cling decals!


Contact us for more info about our full like of custom Decals! 

Decals, Babies and First words!


This post may seem crazy to you! It's being written at 11:35 PM, so bear with me.

So last week my baby said her first word…It was Daddy…da da dad dadda daddy! WOO-HOO for me! I have to be honest i would have hoped for Decal. Since her livelihood will in large part be determinded by Decals.  I just wanted to simply review 123Decal and what we can do here! I think sometimes people forget we can pretty much do it all!

CUSTOM DECALS – When it comes to custom decals we mean custom. You pick the shape the size and the colors. We can provide Decals in Removable Vinyl, Static Clings or Window Decals, Glow in the Dark Decals, Double Sided or Double Faced Decals, or even Reflective Decals.

Quantity Counts- Sometimes we get quote requested for all types of Decals,  but sometimes we get quotes for quantities of 1, 5 or 10 or even 25. In all realty We can do whatever you want, it just maybe expensive. So thinkg about the process. Especially in the type of decal you order! You need to rip the files, send the printer, load the material, print, cut and ship. Its very difficult to make any money off of the project. If it's screen printed like Double sided decals then it can be very expensive you have to make screens and on and on. Decals are great but when you buy BULK CUSTOM DECALS they are great and affordable.

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