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Everyone has some sort of Standards

At 123Decal we also have standards. Moral and ethically sure…But standard shapes and sizes, you got it! We even sell Kwik Ship or speedy ship decals.

So you want a custom decal..Thats fine we can do that. We can do anything and we can do it good, but if you use a standard size and shape then we will save you money and deliver the product faster. A lot faster like 5 days production time fast.

Right now 123Decal offers Standard shapes and sizes in Vinyl Decals, Clear Vinyl or Polyester Decals and of Course we have standard Static Cling Decals.  

Standard Sized decal will save you money and tme. We offer circular, square cut, and even custom shapes for our standard decals.





123Decal Changes it up! Oil Change Decals and Stickers

123Decal is proud to announce that they now offer oil change decals and service stickers. These decals are a very commom decal that are used everyday by thousands of thriving businesses. 123Decal wants to continue to offer high stickers and decals at affordable prices.  

123Decal's oil change decals can come in standard sizes or custom sizes. They know offer 2.5″ x 2″ and 2″ x 1.5″ sizes. They now even offer six different template ready to use for your business.  If you dont find a layout or size you like, no big deal we can customize an oil change decal for your business!

These Decals can come on a roll or individually cut 

123Decal has always been a major supplier of static cling decals and double sided decals, but is always expanding into more products.  

Learn more about our Oil Change Decals and stickers Here!  

UV is the real deal!

So I recently have been thinking about putting decals on my boat. It's an old boat and it's needs something to spice it up. So why not some custom decals?

Well to start, would they last or not. Then what if they fade? So I know that if i am going to do some decals of somesort they need to have UV ink so that they are durable and long lasting. Static Cling Decals, Custom Decals and even double sided decals need to be using UV ink so to extend their life.

Give it a try. Use 123Decal Custom Decals with UV Ink. Our Decal whether static cling or what. Are great for all type of weather and are great window decals! 

123Decal Announces Campaign and Election Products Division

Preparation For Election Season propelsexpansion

Star, Idaho, March 23, 2010 – 123Decal, a majorsupplier of decals and signs, has announced the addition of the “Campaign HQ”.This product division will be focused around the design, sales, products andsupport of campaign and election products.  The Campaign HQ will feature general electionproducts such as Corrugated Plastic Signs, Bumper Stickers, Election Signs, Decals,Labels, Magnets and More.

The Idaho based company played a significantrole in 2008 while printing for 2 Major Congressional Campaigns and manylegislative and local campaigns.

123Decal reported that the election cycle of2008 was responsible for almost 60% of their 3rd quarter business. Theircorporate staff expect that 2010 will yield higher requests than ever before.


In  awritten statement, CEO Tyler Hurst announced his plans:

“By focusing more time and resources, 123Decalcan provide Quality Products delivered quickly at a great price.”  He went on “2008 was a Banner year for us, weexpect 2010 to be even better. We invite all to come and see how 123Decal ismaking it easier to win in 2010!”

The Campaign HQ can be viewed on the 123Decal.comwebsite at and staff can access the site to view our products and get quotes.


123Decalis a decal and signage company that has seen tremendous growth due to quality,responsiveness, and quick turn-around. Learn more by visiting their website 



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Why the college decals are always removable

Static Cling DecalsIt's Rivaly Week in the college football world! So i have been thinking alot about College Decals, Helmet decals. Lately, I have noticed that Static Cling Decals are on the Rise and 123Decal. So I wonder, if your a college student and you graduate, do you replace your decal with a ALUMNI Decal or some sort of other custom decal? Custom Decals really can explain about who we are but do we take our decals off when our team loses? Maybe thats why static cling decal sales are on the rise? 

I Doubt any of it's true, but hey Come to and check it out! The Home of Custom Decals, Static Cling Decal, Banners, Bumper Stickers, DoubleSided Decals and More! 

To White or no white?

Decals can are usually printed on one of 2 materials – Vinyl or Static Cling – Another caveat is that it is usually White or Clear.

If you are going to be using a clear material, they you need to use as a backer color. Lets say you have a logo that is red and blue. And it's clear material

you stick in on the back of car window, now the clear takes on the colors of the car window. Imagine if you have tint? It doesnt stand out instead the decal just blends in . If you had a white backer(not flood white) then it would make it POP out.

Now the same applies for static cling decals. I see a lot of order for static cling decals and people place these on the inside of their car windows. Which is fine, but without the White their is no Pop! 


See A Video Here!