New things on the Decal Horizon

Last Week, I was in a printing warehouse that was perfect in ever way. I was picking up some campaign signs. When I looked into the printing process on these Signs I was Amazed at machinery. They had printed these signs on a DIGITAL flatbed printer. It's a pretty amazing machine that works something like a desktop ink jet print just on a much larger scale. 

The neat thing about this particular printer was that it also printed directly to most materials 3″ thick and less. The most best part was that the production ink was UV.  By providing static Cling decals, or custom decals, and Double Sided Decals with UV ink they last longer and more durable againist harsh sun rays. As 123Decal continually becomes an emerging leader in production of Static Cling Decals, Custom Decal, Banners and more we are always seeking to provide better products at faster speeds.

Everyone can check at 123Decal's products @ Where promoting yourself just got easier! 

Election Production Begins at 123Decal

It's that time of year. The Primaries are in full swing and soon the General elections will begin. 123Decal has already begun to take orders and quotes for election signs and decals. 

Election and campaign material is nothing new to 123Decal as we have printed campaign products for Major campaigns including congressional and state and local campaigns. We are fully prepared to handle any project big or small.

Here is a list of the most common election products we offer:

View them all at: 

Election Signs:


Corrugated Plastic Election Signs Election & Campaign Bag Signs Campaign Fold Over Posters Campaign Posters
Corrugated Plastic >> Bag Signs Posters Fold Over Signs

Bumper Stickers, Decals and Labels:


Campaign & Election Bumper Stickers Campaign Labels Election Stickers & Decals Car Election Window Decals
Bumper Stickers Lapel Labels Stickers Car Window Declals

Other Products:


Campaign T-Shirts Campaign Door Hangers Campaign Car Magnets campaign magnets
T Shirts Door Hangers Car Magnets Fridge Magnets
Rally Fans Election Banners Removable Campaign Stickers







Rally Fans Banners Removable Stickers

Don't Forget that you can also use Static Cling Decals, Vinyl Sticker and Double Faced Decals which are main products @


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Tyler Hurst 


Special Pricing now for Static Cling Decals.

 As 123Decal continues to be America's Emerging leading in Static cling Decals and other custom decals they have announced special pricing on Static Cling Decals. Guest to their website will now be able to get a quote and expect that their quote will have an instant built in discount. Static cling decals have continued to be a hot item for 123Decal and they are fueling their company growth!

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Of Course it has a Barrier, How Double Side Decals Work.

I was on a call today, and the customer asked “If we get these will we see one side through the middle to the other side”. Obviosuly this customer was talking about one of our most popular custom decals…Double Sided Decals

Obviously the answer is no, I then explained that the Double Sided Decal material has a white barrier in the middle. That same white barrier is  opaque enough as to no be visible from one side to another. The other neat thing about this magical white barrier is that white is a free color. You now can print more colors for less. We recently took and order for double sided decals for Flirty Girl Fitness in Chicago. They were going to use these decals as a parking permit. So I asked

” Why are you doing 2 sided” the customer replied…Because then it's a talking point for people while they are in the car also.

That makes perfect sense to me. Double Your Advertising with Double Sided Decals.




Tyler Hurst, President, 123Decal 


Stick in on my boat

As much as I love stickers and decals, I am not usually the guy who put them on my cars. I bought an older boat and then i ended buying some accessories for my boat which included a tow rope for our innertube. The rope actually had a decal attached to it. So i put in my boat. I dont know how it will fair in the sun and water but it looks like it is UV ink and should last for a while. 

 I will leave and it see how it works!


Please come visit 123Decal for Custom Decals, Static Cling Decals,  Double sided Decals, and static cling stickers.

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Customers Rave about 123Decal. Service and Products!

You know when you work really hard, you know it's for the money right. Right. But every once in a while it's nice to know that people care about you and appreciate you also. There are really to ways that I know that we are doing things right @ 123Decal


1. Return Business

 To me there is nothing that is more affirming that they appreciated us then when they come back to get more. That happened earlier today! I realized that we are no so bad after all. I started to discuess with with my colleagues about all the recent return business what we've had. It's not all about success and growth, which are nice, but it's about the fact that we served them well enought for them to come back.


2- Nice Comments

I love it when people email us back and say Thank you. People have so said some great things about 123Decal:

View some below:

Matthew G,

“The decals arrived on Friday. They look great. Thank you!” “

Rebbeca A, :

“Your customer service skills are out of this world! You make me look good. I look forward to having a long rewarding relationship with you and your company. “

Tim D, 

“Product arrived on time and is perfect! Thank you”

Red W, 5

“This is a company I have used that did a great job for us, quickly and at a great price.”

Darcy K, 

“Just wanted to take a moment to tell you that we LOVE our window clings and thank you for all of your work to make them PERFECT!…I can assure you though that we will be calling when we are in need! You guys are GREAT! Thanks!!!”

Neil S, 1

“They[The Decals] look great. Thanks for all the work you did on the project.”

Dick B,

“The Decals look great, thanks again”

Sheena K, 

“I delivered the static cling stickers to our client the other day and they were very pleased!”

Chuck C, 

“I just rec'd the shirts and they look great !! Nice job. “

Marty P, 02/19/2009:

“I Recieved the Decals and they are great. Thanks Again “

Eddie L, 

“We received the decals today, they look very good “

Kasey R, 


“Hi Tyler, I just wanted to let you know that the bumper stickers came out great!” 



Come Give Us A Try! 

$100 Minimum new to

123Decal has now decided to announce a $100 minimum per order. The amount of business we have been recieving has forced us to stress this in essence to provide a better service for our customers. 

Due to the Process

The Minimum is due to many factors. we hope that our customer will realize that even on a $100 after material, inks and other administrative costs that we have a very low margin. the printing process alone can take hours to setup to run some very small orders. 

To Get the Best Prices 

Generally the best pricing is dealt to the high quantities. When printing in high quantities we can offer better pricing because we amortize the setup costs over larger number of decals. We have recently quoted labels and stickers in quantites of 130,000. We also have had recent order of Static Cling and Double Sided Decals in the amounts over 10,000. 

Colors matter in your cost also. The Number of Colors will affect your price, the more the increase cost. This comes from the usage of more raw materials and more labor due the usage of Extra Screens to screen printing.

When it Comes to Bulk or mass production Decals. 123Decal is your Spot. 






123Decal sees growth in decal sales in 2009. Plans Expansion in 2010.

 2009 was a Banner year for 123Decal. No pun intended! 

123Decal finished post high 4th quarter profits and closing with successful December. We should great results in many product categories. Some that are new to our product line and some that we have just expanded. For instance one figure that we are really proud of is a 85% increase in sales of Static Cling Decals. 85% more then last year!! That is amazing! Static Cling Decals have been a big spot in our marketing efforts this year!

We attribute our continued growth to Amazing Customer Service. A strong and happy customer base, Tremendous SEO and page rank in search engines and Quality Products & effective low cost pricing. 

Coming into 2009 we were coming off of a record 2008. Wondering how we would match, we knew we could access our existing customer base and expand our product lines. 123Decal has never had to return money to a customer over quality of products. 

Expansion on the Horizon. 2010 will bring expansion to 123Decal. We look to add again to our staff and also see growth in production of Custom Decals, Vinyl Decals, and Static Cling Decals and 2010 Election Products!


Happy New Year!




It Cracked..Decals by Humpty Dumpty

Earlier this evening I was at the local mall with my wife and daughter. While getting the stroller out of the car, I noticed that there was a bubble in one of the small decals I had on my car window. I then attributed the bubble to the recently frosty weather in Idaho.

Vinyl, Pressure Sensative Decals  I then took a moment to push the decal back down to hopefully fixed the bubble. Then The DECAL CRACKED!!! I was furious, now my snowboarding decal was ruined, I asked myself how it was possible. 

I left the car and started to walk into the nearest store thinking “I sure hope that doesnt happen to any 123Decal Customers”  my next thought was. No, it won't happen to our customers, we use Pressure Sensitive Vinyl and UV Ink on our Vinyl and Static Cling Decals.

So Customers of 123Decal have nothing to worry about. Our Decals whethe Double Sided Decals, Static Cling Or Regular Vinyl decals are printed with UV Ink and the vinyl decals are printed on Pressure sensitive vinyl. No worries!



Clingy…I love Clingy!

I would have to say that my overall favorite type of decal is a static cling decal.

Static Cling Decals   WHY.. Its decal that also is removable. I have seen static clings put on windows, plexy glass, bottle and more. I would totally recommend the . Yes, I do work there, but we sell so many static clings that it's no even funny. Fun yes…Funny no. The reason why static clings are so great especially at is that we print with UV Ink. Therefore, they are enviormentally sound, they won't fade, and they hold up against the elements.  We offer double sided static cling decals, face adhesive static cling decals, back adhesive, full color and many other types.

 Take a moment and see why Static Cling Decals are my Favorite.



 Tyler Hurst,